'Tis the Season for a Roblox Holiday Event with Mountaineers

By Ashley Woodcock,
As if ROBLOX fans weren't already having enough fun with Roblox Corporation's Xbox One X enhanced ID@Xbox title, the developers have raised the bar even higher just in time for the holiday season. A new holiday event has been announced and includes three free-to-play games as well as chances at winning virtual prizes.

Holiday Event screens

Christofer Oberst, Technical Writer for Roblox breaks down what the Mountaineers event is all about:

Set in a gorgeous winter wonderland, Mountaineers combines everything you love about this very merry time of year into a whimsical mini-game extravaganza. Your mission? Complete the mini-games to climb to the top of Scrooge McBlox’s private mountain villa and show him the beauty and wonder of the holidays! Mountaineers was created exclusively for the Roblox Holiday Event by a team of world-class developers from the Roblox community, including MasterOfTheElements, Beeism, GollyGreg, awesomeawxomeman3, FutureWebsiteOwner, Quenty, TheShipArchitect, and Crykee. Spread good tidings and holiday cheer to all your friends and play it today!
Holiday Event screens

Alongside the event, there will also be 50% off special in-game items including furniture, clothes, and more. There are more prizes to be won in Polyhex's Super Bomb Survival and Cracky4's Icebreaker. If you can manage to complete the special in-game missions, you'll obtain some exclusive virtual items to wear on your avatar.

Check out the event in action in the following trailer:

The Roblox holiday event and discount on special in-game items are both live right now until January 2nd.

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Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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