What's Your New Year's 2018 Gaming Resolution?

By Mark Delaney,
The tradition of New Year's resolutions is a good one, we think. Granted we could all choose to better ourselves any day of the year, but if people want to use the new year as motivation to kick themselves into gear, we say so be it. It doesn't just have to be about weight loss and kicking bad habits, either. We all have goals in everything we do. That includes when we're gaming. With that in mind, we want to hear what your New Year's gaming resolutions are.

Maybe you vow to never pay full price for a game in 2018, or maybe you intend to play 50 games from your backlog. Whatever the case is, tell us in this weekend's conversation, and don't forget you can track your progress for many different goals with our gamer goal feature. If you're new to that part of TA, follow this guide to learn how to set gamer goals. We rounded up a few staff goals to share to get things going. You can check those out below, then let us know what you're looking to accomplish in your gaming year.

Mafia 2

-- My resolution this year is to finally put the 360 to bed. I've had a One for a couple of years and since then have only turned on the 360 a smattering of times when I've made myself chip away at the backlog, or when one of the TA challenges and contests have got me to. Mrs Chewie also likes to remind me every now and then that two consoles under the television is clutter she wasn't expecting to see when she bought me the One for my birthday, and definitely not two years later.

I'm not quite willing to simply unplug the old girl though (the 360, not Mrs. Chewie). As a compulsive game buyer, I have a fairly decent backlog on there and I'd like to at least finish the story of those games where applicable before moving on. To that end, I've put a list together of all my 360 titles that aren't backwards compatible and I resolve to finish the campaign in all of them this year.

Oh, actually, there's like 80 on the list. That's more than I was expecting. And I have so many good One games on the go. Oh, and what's that on sale this week? I'm thinking Mrs. Chewie may have to put up with two consoles for a little while longer... — ChewieOnIce

Ferrari Pack DLC

-- For whatever reason, we all seem to go through life collecting 'stuff', all becoming hoarders in our own little way. We hold onto things for a multitude of reasons. We find a million and one excuses usually sentimental and nonsensical just to do so. Inevitably, there comes a time too when we have to persuade ourselves to purge and declutter our prized collections.

I came across a simple method of decluttering which I used during my house move last year — apparently devised by Japanese professional organizer, Marie Kondo — simply pick up the item in question and ask yourself, does it bring you joy. Any hesitation in the answer means that it fails the test and should be given away or discarded.

I need to do the same with my Xbox One drive. Along with the inevitable backlog, there are games there that are effectively being hoarded. Games kept just because I might play some multiplayer, or wrap up a few remaining achievements, or finish off the odd piece of DLC, or revisit the campaign, or complete a separate storyline, or actually finishing the title; those million and one excuses.

So this year's resolution is to go through all of the games on the hard drive and be strict myself, examining each little tile on the screen and asking myself "Does it bring me joy?". If it fails this little test, then it will be removed. I hope to declutter the drive, sadly I have a feeling that this will prove more difficult than I would like. — Nexus Grunt


-- Looking back on 2017, I'm proud to have engaged in a lot of challenges and activities around the site, pushing my stats up pretty handsomely. However I do need to take some time to properly play the games in my backlog. My biggest concern is the growing pile indie titles that I have picked up in a sale and barely touched. At the tail end of last year there was a lot of talk about "voting with our wallets" in terms of taking away income from the AAA studios that continue to disappoint us. But it works both ways. I am doing a disservice to the indie developers I claim to support by only picking their games up in deep sales. Worse, I'm barely giving each enough time to grow on me because there's always another one to play.

So my resolution this year is two-fold: First, to go back to the smaller independent titles in my backlog and at least complete their main stories or campaigns. Second, to think about the games that really stand out to me among my indie collection, and make sure to support the developers' future output by buying their games long before they hit a rock-bottom discount. In this way "voting with my wallet" becomes a positive act of support, rather than a bitter protest. — kintaris


-- My resolution is to branch out. I’m sure I’m not alone here in having tons of content to get through and I, for one, plan to make my mark on it. Gone are the years that start with “This year will be better.” Actions speak louder than words. This year I’m dedicating my time to new experiences and new platforms that I’ve been putting off for the sake of achievement hunting. So I say hello to Nier: Automata, Xenoblade 2, Breath of the Wild and Civ 6’s next expansion. Goodbye to the long collectible and boosting grind of 2017! — Eurydace


-- My aim in 2018 is to continue giving more games a chance which, previously, I overlooked quite thoughtlessly. When we played Dark Souls as part of September's TA Playlist, something amazing happened: I didn't hate it. More than that, I even quite liked it for the most part. Dark Souls is a game I'd have avoided for my whole life and never wondered if I'd missed something important. I was wrong, and experiencing that firsthand was really eye-opening.

In 2018 — and beyond — I intend to give games out of my comfort zone a longer look. I'm already looking at a few, like Battle Chasers: Nightwar and another Soulslike in The Surge. As the year goes on, I'll try to keep a more open mind with regards to games like these, games which, previous to September of last year, I wouldn't ever bother playing. I expect I'll be wrong a few more times at least, and that's a good wrong to find yourself to be. — N0T PENNYS B0AT

What are your gamer goals for the year ahead? Don't forget you can track your progress across a multitude of gamer goals right here on site. For a tutorial, check out our new guide.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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