Xbox One Alpha Insiders Update Brings Next Achievements Feature

By Rebecca Smith, 11 months ago
The first Xbox One update of 2018 has arrived for players who are in the Alpha ring of the Xbox Insiders program. Beginning today at 6PM PST, update 1802.180105-1503 will start rolling out and will bring a handful of new features to the Xbox One user interface, including a new achievements feature.

Microsoft has now made it easier for you to sort and view the achievements that you are close to unlocking courtesy of the new "Next Achievements" feature in the Guide. This list will include achievements across all of your games and will allow you to launch the games from there so that you can earn them. You'll be able to sort the list by the closest to unlocking, the most commonly unlocked, the rarest, the most common rare achievements, and those that give the highest Gamerscore.

Alpha Insider update 9/1/18

The Guide will also soon be the location for mini Game Hubs where you'll be able to access some of the features of the main Game Hubs without being taken out of the game. This includes upcoming achievements, as well as friends who are playing the same title, Looking for Group posts and more.

Those people for whom hiding offline doesn't feel right (but also wish to be able to play a game without messages or party invites) will like the next feature. There is now a “Do not disturb” online status that blocks notifications while also telling your friends that you're not available.

The community feed has been altered to make the viewing of comments easier. Comments are now being prioritised in favour of the most recent, and while viewing community posts in full screen, you'll see a preview of the most recent comment. You can also see who has liked your comments.

Alpha Insider update 9/1/18

The final tweak that everybody in the Alpha Insiders ring will see is new time options in the inactivity shutdown category of the Power mode & startup menu. Previously you could choose to automatically shut down your console after one hour or six hours of inactivity, but now there are hourly increments in between those options for you to shut down your console after two, three, four or five hours.

Over the next few weeks, the update will become available for members of the other Insiders rings before eventually rolling out to everyone. In the meantime, "a subset of users" will also get to try out some other features that have not been listed above. These features are purely to "gauge interest and collect feedback" at the moment, with no promises of them being rolled out in the future. If we get any details on these, we'll be sure to let you know.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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