Sea of Thieves Closed Beta Running January 24th to 29th

By Kelly Packard, 11 months ago
Sea of Thieves has been a staple of Xbox's upcoming exclusive lineup since 2015. In fact, we here at TrueAchievements have gotten so used to reporting it as a vague "coming soon" that it's a bit strange to finally know the release date of March 20th. But before we can get to that, Rare has announced a closed beta will be running from January 24th-29th.

The closed beta is accessible to anyone who joined Sea of Thieves' insider program before December 1st, 2017 and anyone who pre-ordered the game. If you meet these qualifications and need help downloading the beta client, head over to the official website for help.

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Also of interest is that the nondisclosure agreement will finally be lifted during the closed beta. While Rare has run several alpha tests for Sea of Thieves, the tests were all covered by an NDA, so players weren't able to share footage of the game or discuss their experiences outside of Rare's closed forums without breaking the agreement. With the NDA gone, we should see a lot more content from the game, even though Rare says, "We won’t be testing the full game during this Closed Beta phase: we want to keep a good selection of things up our sleeves for players to discover at launch."

The official dates for the start and end of the closed beta are 12 p.m. GMT on January 24th to 8 a.m. GMT on January 29th (4 a.m. PST on January 24th to 12 a.m. PST on January 29th).

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Kelly Packard
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