Five More Dynasty Warriors 9 Character Videos Released

By Andy Mills, 1 year ago
KOEI Tecmo has made a decent start in showing some of the characters from the latest instalment in the long-running Dynasty Warriors series, Dynasty Warriors 9, covering nine of the game's characters over two batches of spotlight videos. With over 70 different characters set to be in the game, however, there's still plenty more warriors to cover. On that note, KOEI has released five more videos for us all to check out.

Dynasty Warriors

This time around, we start with Man Chong.
Skillful in debates but also excelled as a strategist and tactician during many defensive battles. A close friend of Xu Huang, he recommended that he give his service to Cao Cao.

The second character to be shown is Zhao Yun.
As a young warrior, he travelled the land in search of someone worthy of loyalty. Finding such qualities in Liu Bei, he ended his journey and entered Liu Bei's service wherein he becomes one of the Five Tiger Generals of Shu. Normally a calm person, he displayed ferocity in battle that shook entire armies.

In the middle of these five is Xin Xianying, the only woman in this group, similar to Daqiao last time around.
The daughter of Xin Pi of Wei, older sister to Xin Chang, and aunt to Yang Hu, her clever and observant nature saved her family from threats numerous times.

Up next is Xu Sheng.
Serving as a military general of Sun Quan, he played a key role in the battles at Chibi, Hefei, and the in the invasion of Jing. He was known for his "fake towers" ruse which caused Cao Pi to retreat believing Sun Quan knew of his attack and had the city heavily fortified beforehand.

The final character of this fearsome five is Sun Quan.
Second son of Sun Jian and younger brother to Sun Ce. Sun Quan was praised for his skills in governance. Although he lacked confidence in his physical abilities and decision making, he eventually became a great leader.

There are still plenty more character videos to come before Dynasty Warriors 9 launches on February 13th on Xbox One.

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