Report Suggests Microsoft and Playground Games are Working on Fable 4

By Mark Delaney,
A report from Eurogamer suggests Microsoft has greenlit production of a new game in the Fable series, assumedly titled Fable 4, and goes on to say it'll be Forza Horizon developer Playground Games at the helm. Sources close to the normally reputable outlet say the new studio location opened by Playground just a few months ago, within walking distance from their main lot in Leamington Spa, is meant to serve as home for the project. Furthermore, Playground is currently staffing up in the triple-digits to compile the team needed for what Microsoft surely sees as a major AAA exclusive title.

All of these details lend credence to the swirling rumors over the past several weeks that indicated the same thing. It's only today that the whispers grow much louder thanks to the backing of Eurogamer's historically reliable reporting. Furthermore, sources say the game is "in early days," so it might be the case that this new Fable, if it exists, won't be an Xbox One title but rather a launch exclusive for the next generation Microsoft console.

Screen 1What would a new Fable game look like? What should it look like?

We know from job listings that Playground's next game is an open world RPG of some sort. We reached out to Playground Games and they declined to comment on the rumors. What do you think of a potential return to the Fable series?
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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