Virtua Tennis 4 Release Date Confirmed

By Keith Gray, 7 years ago
Sega has confirmed that gamers will soon be able to step onto the court in the newest iteration of their Virtua Tennis series, creatively named Virtua Tennis 4. The Kinect-compatible title will be available from April 29th in Europe; however, players in North America will have to wait until May 10th.

In addition to the motion-sensing capabilities, Virtua Tennis 4 will sport other improvements over its predecessors. As we reported last month, the title is set to feature a new World Tour mode, which puts emphasis on both on-court and off-court activities in order to give every career a truly unique feel. As well as introducing off-court features, the development team has added another element to the on-court aspect of the game, in the form of a Match Momentum gauge. The new gauge allows gamers to utilise their tennis player's confidence to gain an advantage.

Those of you who haven't purchased a Kinect device need not worry, since the title will be playable with a standard Xbox 360 controller.

Virtua Tennis 4 is being developed by Sega-AM3, the team behind previous Virtua Tennis titles.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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