Dynasty Warriors 9 Character Trailers Highlight Eight More Fighters

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
The release of character highlights videos continues strongly for Dynasty Warriors 9, as publisher KOEI TECMO has released another set of short clips with eight more characters from the roster working their magic.

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First up we have Diao Chan. Check out the video after reading the back story of Diao:

Diao Chan was considered to be the most beautiful women of her time and she herself became a heroine of the ages from her sacrifice to end tyranny. Check out her moves in #DynastyWarriors9. Raised by Wang Yun as his own daughter, Diaochan, a skilled singer and dancer and was considered one of the most beautiful women of her time. She agreed to participate in a plan to divide Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu and managed to get close to both of them, succeeding in tearing their relationship apart. She carried the same burning passion like many great war heroes.

Next up, we have the almighty and powerful Guan Suo.

Guan Suo twirls his nunchaku creating a series of powerful strikes. Growing up as the son of Guan Yu, he became an honest and hard-working warrior who always greeted anyone he met with sincerity. This trait made him very popular with the common people while his earnest innocence gained him popularity among many women.

Guo Jia comes with add-on ice elemental damage and a smile that never fades.

With a very soft demeanour and a smile on his face, Guo Jia possessed superior foresight and intelligence. His skills earned him victory in many battles, Cao Cao's praise, and a position as one of Cao Cao's most favoured military strategists.

Zhang Fei is a fighter not to reckoned with, and a brother under oath to Liu Bei and Guan Yu.

A strong and fierce warrior who was always eager to fight, it is said he held off Cao Cao's entire force with a single yell. Yet, his impulsive behaviour and short temper were comparable to that of a child. His love for drinking often brought him a lot of trouble.

Watch Sun Ce in action in the next video.

Sun Ce As the eldest son of Sun Jian, he made a name for himself as 'The Little Conqueror' for the way he lit with enjoyment in the midst of a fight! Watch him in #DynastyWarriors9! A brave and energetic leader, he viewed all people equally regardless of rank or position. Due to this free-spirited nature, many capable men gathered around him and along with his childhood friend, Zhou Yu, he laid the foundation for the Wu kingdom.

Sun Jian is full of confidence, calculated, and delivers balanced strikes to help him keep the battlefield free of enemies. Watch this wise and valiant warrior in action in the following video.

Said to be a descendant of Sun Tzu, he was an officer who maintained a bright, calm outlook on life.
He excelled at numerous roles and was a wise leader, a valiant fighter, and a gentle father. After distinguishing himself against pirates, he participated in suppressing the Yellow Turbans and was made Prefect of Changsha. He served as a vanguard in the coalition against Dong Zhuo and was among the first to arrive in Luoyang.

The true master strategist, Zhuge Liang, takes to the battlefield in the video up next.

With his righteous morality and respect, Zhuge Liang repaid the honour of Liu Bei's three visits by serving him. Considered to be the greatest mind of his age, with his signature white feather fan in hand, he guided the flow of many battles with his strategies. With his keen insight and impartial judgement, he gained the trust of an entire nation bringing with it prosperity.

Last but not least, we have Cao Cao. Powerful and full of fierceness, Cao will make enemies fear his presence before even delivering killer blows.

Future King of Wei. During his youth, a prophecy called him the "Hero of Chaos." Blessed with discernment and decisiveness, he first showed his abilities during the Yellow Turban Rebellion. He was both ambitious and rational and sometimes showed a fierce, cold side, which caused those around him to fear his presence. Talented in literature as well, he wrote both military strategy texts and books of poems.

Dynasty Warriors 9 releases on the Xbox One on February 13th.

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