Dead by Daylight Launches The SAW Chapter

By Rebecca Smith,
If you're getting too familiar with the characters and locations in Behaviour Digital's multiplayer horror title, Dead by Daylight, then you may be interested in the new content that released today for the title. "The SAW Chapter" adds a new survivor, a new killer, a new map and, most importantly, new achievements.


The new killer is Amanda Young, although she will be disguised as The Pig. She's one of Jigsaw's most famous disciples and she comes with a new power: Jigsaw's Baptism. She can place reverse bear traps on the heads of survivors, meaning that every second will count if the survivors are going to escape. She also comes with three new perks that focus on pain and torture.

Hangman's Trick
Your ingenious modifications to Hooks prevent tampering and permanent damage. Hooks destroyed by sabotage or sacrifices repair after a short moment. Gain a notification when someone starts Sabotaging the Hooks.

Unlocks potential in one's Aura reading ability. The last regressing generators' Auras are revealed to you.

Make your Choice
When a survivor rescues another from a hook at least 48/40/32 meters away from you, Make your Choicetriggers and applies the Exposed Status Effect on the rescuer for 60 sec. Make your choice has a cooldown of 60 seconds.
The new survivor is detective David Tapp, the leading investigator on the Jigsaw cases. He also comes with three new perks:

There is nothing stopping you. Your ferocious tenacity in dire situations allows you to crawl faster and recover at the same time.

Detective’s Hunch
Unlocks potential in one's Aura reading ability. When completing a Generator, the Auras of Generators, Chests and Totems within range are revealed to you for 3 seconds. If you are holding a Map that can track objectives, objectives revealed by Detective's Hunch are added to the map.

Stake Out
Getting close to the Killer fills you with determination. When standing within the Killer Terror Radius for some time and not in a Chase, you gain a Token up to a maximum. When Stake Out has at least 1 Token, Good Skill Checks are considered Great Skill Checks and consume 1 Token.
Finally, the new location is the Gideon Meat Plant. Once an abattoir for animals, it is a location repurposed for the torture of humans. Yes, the majority of human participants have died here, but the main aim is to survive the traps and to learn from them. You can take a look at all of the new content in the trailer below.

"The SAW Chapter" can be purchased right now for US$7.99 or regional equivalent.

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