Flood Escape 2 and Swordburst 2 Come to ROBLOX

By Ashley Woodcock,
It's the news ROBLOX fans have been eagerly waiting for as the developer, Roblox Corporation, has announced two sequels available to check out in the game. Flood Escape 2 and Swordburst 2 are follow ups to Flood Escape and Swordburst Online, respectively. Christofer Oberst, Technical Writer for ROBLOX, recently gave Xbox Wire a massive breakdown of the new content.

Indie developer Crazyblox is the team behind Flood Escape 2. The game will challenge players to make their way through "intricately-designed labyrinths" as they try to survive the dangers of rising elemental hazards, such as lava, acid, and water. Players will need to work together to try and activate door switches in the nick of time, but besides doing this and also making huge leaps-of-faith to escape, players will also be able to swim and dive within these new levels to try and find other ways to escape. As you enjoy the success of your escapes, you will also level up and be able to purchase "cool" customisation options for your character.


Crazyblox talks about their favourite part of the new sequel:

My favorite part about making Flood Escape 2 was implementing my own swimming, air, and tank mechanics. Being able to take what worked well in the first title and mixing in new features like these with little difficulty is a testament to how far I’ve come in learning about game development on Roblox.
If being an adventure hero and exploring for weapons and armour is more your type of thing, then Swordburst 2 will be your cup of tea. Put together by ROBLOX developers Alex “AbstractAlex” Hicks, Project Lead; Max “Blocky_Max” Borsch, Manager & Engineering Lead; Kevin “OKevinO” Schneider, Animator and NPC Artist; and Ace “SIeven” Vanbogart, World & Weapons Artist, this fantasy RPG will be full of vast environments to explore, a variety of enemies to fight, and plenty of loot to find. Work together with other explorers to level up your character, take down bosses, and plenty more.


Hicks speaks on what the plan was to make the sequel better than the original:

I wanted the sequel to take the good parts of the original and add things such as more modern graphics, better level design, and more gameplay features typically seen in RPGs, such as equipment upgrades. We went in with high expectations to meet, but the hard work put in from everyone has made the project possible!
The various developers all share the same passion for creating games themselves, and then seeing the community enjoy their creations and leave feedback. Borsch goes on to send a message to those looking to do well with their creations:

To aspiring creators, I recommend finding other people who share your passion and forming a team. Building connections is an important skill that will allow you to develop games beyond the scope of what you can do alone. Take the time to at least dabble in code; it can be a lot of fun and it’s a useful skill, even if you don’t plan on pursuing it as a career.

Check out the launch trailer for a sample of the new free titles:

Have a go at Flood Escape 2 and Swordburst 2 in ROBLOX for free right now.

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Written by Ashley Woodcock
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