Seven More Dynasty Warriors 9 Character Trailers

By Andy Mills, 1 year ago
A couple of days ago, we brought you eight more character highlight videos for Dynasty Warriors 9. With just over a fortnight until the game's release but still with plenty of characters to highlight, publisher KOEI Tecmo has released videos covering a further seven of the upcoming hack-and-slash's characters.

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First up is Lu Su, who uses a rake as a weapon. It's quite unconventional, but The Simpsons' Sideshow Bob can attest to how annoying they can be.

The second Chief Commander of Wu, Zhou Yu's successor, and Lu Meng's mentor. He sought to divide China into two territories even during a time when the restoration of the Han Dynasty was the ultimate goal for many.

Up next is the first female fighter, Wang Yi.

A daughter of the Wang family of Hanzhong, she vowed revenge on Ma Chao after her entire family was slaughtered in Western Liang. Although she served as a leader of the Wei forces, she was typically distant from others and only engaged people when her goals required it.

Number three, this time around, is Xun You.

Xun You was a tactician who served Cao Cao and guided Cao Cao's army to victory in many battles.

The second woman of this group of seven is coincidentally also the second Wang, Wang Yuanji.

Wang Yuanji was the daughter of the Wei minister, Wang Su, she showed both intelligence and courage from a young age. Although extremely polite and kind to those weaker than her, she openly spoke her mind to those she considered family.

Wang isn't the only name to feature twice in this group, as Lu Meng is the second such Lu.

Lu Meng, general of Wu viewed by many as a hard worker who often took matters too seriously, Lu Meng had a straightforward personality that earned him the trust of his peers. Originally a warrior of brute strength, he grew into an excellent general with strength and strategic knowledge. His exceptional skills even caught the eye of his senior, Lu Su, who was greatly impressed with his growth.

The penultimate fighter of this septet is Liu Bei.

Liu Bei, leader of the Shu Kingdom and known for his benevolence! Descendant of Liu Sheng, King of the Eastern Han dynasty. He took to the battlefield alongside his oath-brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei in order to bring peace to the people and prosperity back to the Han Dynasty. Compassionate and charitable, he had a tendency to act based on feelings more than logic. His warm personality earned him the love and loyalty of many people.

Last but not least is Chen Gong.

Chen Gong a military strategist who first served Cao Cao but became the strategic mind under Lu Bu's forces. Despite his typical humorous attitude, Chen Gong was willing to make any sacrifice for his ambitions. After realising that he would be unfulfilled serving Cao Cao, he pledged his loyalty to Lu Bu as a strategist instead.

There's still plenty more characters to come before Dynasty Warriors 9 launches on Xbox One on February 13th.

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