Major Nelson Confirms Microsoft Exclusives Will Be Permanent to Xbox Game Pass

By Mark Delaney,
When Microsoft delivered the happy surprise that Xbox Game Pass would feature Microsoft published games from their store launch dates, the biggest question was, "but for how long?" We saw it all over the comments on TA, and surely the company heard it all over social media for the past 24 hours too. In an effort to clarify things, Larry Hryb and Aaron Greenberg took to Twitter to give us more good news.

If you were worried you'd be just getting to the good parts of Sea of Thieves or this fall's newest Forza before they were ripped away from your Game Pass library, fear not. Microsoft intends to make their first- and second-party exclusives a permanent part of the subscription service. Does this help sway those of you who were still on the fence after yesterday's news?

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Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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