CODE VEIN Character Details, Screens, and Gameplay

By Ethan Anderson, 11 months ago
Three new gameplay videos have been released for the upcoming CODE VEIN. These videos come alongside some details about the player's main base of operations in the game, as well as the characters who inhabit it.

The central hub in CODE VEIN is, believe it or not, simply called Home Base. The base is made from a remodelled chapel, and it houses a few merchants and NPCs. The details do not go into specifics about the characters, but we are given short descriptions of what they offer. Coco is a merchant who sells rare new items, Davis investigates the "Depth area", and Murasame will aid players by selling weapons and improving equipment through transformation. Players can acquire even better items from the various NPCs by raising their Affinity stat through the completion of quests connected to them. Here is a video that shows off the layout of Home Base:

Bandai Namco also released some screenshots that provide a look at bits of the game's story. After a catastrophic event, a provisional governing body called Cerberus was created. Players assume the role of Revenants — gifted individuals in the world of Vein who seek to regain their memories and survive in this dangerous land.

These last two gameplay videos give us glimpse of two different locales in Vein: The City of Falling Flame and The Ridge of Frozen Souls. We have covered the latter in some detail before, but the former should look completely new.

CODE VEIN is set to launch sometime in 2018.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the CODE VEIN achievements.
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