Opening Cinematic And More Highlight Videos Released For Dynasty Warriors 9

By Andy Mills, 1 year ago
If you've been following Dynasty Warriors 9, you'll have noticed that there's been plenty of character highlight videos released by publisher KOEI Tecmo. This time, however, we start with something a little different with the first thing players will see when they begin the game, the opening cinematic. Don't worry though, there's plenty of those highlight videos on the way. We were only about half way through all the characters after all.

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In this opening cinematic, we see Zhao Yun get ready for and drop into battle in an almost Iron Man-esque fashion, before sending thousands of enemy soldiers flying in true Dynasty Warriors style.

Onto those highlight videos now. With over half of the characters remaining and only a couple of weeks left, there might have been a slight worry that not all the characters would have been seen before release. KOEI has allayed those fears by releasing a bumper fifteen videos close together.

Cao Pi

Cao Pi uses his blades in a deadly whirlwind as he dominates the battlefield with icy determination!

As the son of Cao Cao, the King of Wei, he was destined to inherit his father's ambition. Although he had the capability and the potential to unify the next generation, he became cold and condescending due to his upbringing and high level of intelligence. However, this allowed him to become skilled in calmly evaluating any situation and responding appropriately.

Xiaoqiao beams of innocence and naivete but is still a formidable force!

She was the daughter of Qiao Xuan and future wife of Zhou Yu. With her older sister Daqiao, she was known as one of the beautiful "Two Qiaos." She had a certain innocence and naiveté about her; it is said that she joined her husband on the battlefield partly on a whim. For this reason, she often showed a rare sort of courage on the battlefield.
Zhang Jiao

Zhang Jiao, the founder of the Yellow Turbans uses his staff to wreak fire and chaos on his adversaries.

As a practitioner of Taiping Dao he spread his teachings to the people and gained their support by capitalizing on the times of turmoil. He formed the Yellow Turbans to oppose the rapidly decaying Han Imperial Court, and styled himself as the "General of Heaven." His philosophical style and singular presence gave his movement a rather unique feel to it.
Jia Xu

This brilliant strategist was recruited by Cao Cao for his carefully calculated and highly accurate planning!

Jia Xu, an excellent strategist, was known for his carefully calculated and highly accurate plans. Although he originally travelled the land to avoid the turmoil, his skills were recognized by Cao Cao when he devised a plan that drove Cao Cao into a corner while in service to Zhang Xiu.
Jiang Wei

Whirling his double-headed trident Jiang Wei flies through the enemy forces!

A young officer often referred to as the Prodigy of Tianshui. A successor to Zhuge Liang, he was entrusted with all of his strategies and led numerous campaigns against Wei after the Battle of Wuzhang Plains. He supported Shu until the very end with his steadfastness and strong sense of responsibility.
Zhou Tai

Originally a pirate, Zhou Tai viewed all with a critical and stern perspective. He was a composed man who could calmly assess any situation and respond accordingly. A quiet man with a large stature, he eventually came to serve Sun Ce wherein he became known for using his body as a shield to guide Sun Quan to safety during the battle of Hefei.
Sima Shi

Sima Shi was the eldest son of Sima Yi and his refined appearance and extraordinary talents earned him very high expectations from those around him. However, his self-righteous personality caused many to view him with a mixture of fear and respect.
Ma Chao

Ma Chao was the eldest son of Ma Teng, the leader of Xiliang. He became a passionate and emotional young warrior with an honest personality and an exceptional ability to act. These traits created a warrior who wielded his spear for anything he believed without a single doubt in his mind. After displaying his skills in countless battles, he earned the nickname "The Glorious Ma Chao".
Zhou Cang

Zhou Cang was a follower of Zhang Bao, former leader of the Yellow Turbans. While operating as a bandit at Mt. Woniu he encounters Guan Yu, whom he admired, and swore his loyalty to Guan Yu. An agile officer, it was often said that not only was he a gifted swimmer, he could run a thousand leagues in a day, a feat comparable to Red Hare.
Xun Yu

Xun Yu was a strategist who helped Cao Cao pursue his ambition, and was known as the "King's Gifted Adviser" due to the brilliant strategies and advice he provided on a regular basis. In addition, his keen insight and wide network of acquaintances made him a skilled evaluator of people and he discovered many capable officers.

Zhurong, the wife of Meng Huo, was a determined fighter who had the tendency to mother all those around her. Much like her namesake, she declared herself as the descendant of the legendary god of fire. Zhurong was straightforward and aggressive but was also strongly supportive of her husband both in battle and in his duties as King.
Zhang Liao

Zhang Liao was always calm and collected, his ability to make quick and accurate decisions on the battlefield earned him fame and glory, as well as the appointment as the leader of the Five Generals of Wei. Before serving Cao Cao, he fought in many battles serving Lu Bu until his defeat and death. Never forgetting morality, he showed great respect to all, friend or foe alike.
Xu Huang

Xu Huang was praised by Cao Cao as "a match to Sun Tzu", Xu Huang's wisdom and courage also earned him a position as one of the Five Generals of Wei. As a fervent disciple of the way of the warrior, he showed great respect to any friend or foe who proved to be skillful and virtuous.
Taishi Ci

Taishi Ci believed the way of the warrior was the true path to fulfilling his duty. He became known for always wielding his blade for what he believed to be right with a steadfast devotion. This belief was on full display when he saved Kong Rong, the prefect of Beihai, to repay the aid his mother had received from Kong Rong. After initially serving Liu Yong, Taishi Ci was forced to submit to Sun Ce wherein he eventually joined Wu after Liu Yong's defeat against Wu.
Jia Chong

As the son of Jia Kui of Wei, Jia Chong grew to be a notable officer and a powerful politician. Seeing his skills, Sima Yi placed him on his side as a confidant along with Sima Shi and Sima Zhao.
Phew, that's a lot of videos. In total though, they still shouldn't take much more than quarter of an hour. With the total now at 49, we're a lot closer to seeing all 70+ characters from Dynasty Warriors 9 before the game launches on February 13th.

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