Codemasters Tells Us Plenty About The Upcoming ONRUSH

By Andy Mills, 10 months ago
After ONRUSH was revealed a few months ago at Paris Games Week, we haven't heard too much about it, presumably because Codemasters has been hard at work on the game. The British based racing specialists have chosen now to divulge some more about the game, including the game's release date, amongst other things. There's more on that at the end, but let's look at some of that other things we know first.


In a generation that has embraced sharing clips and screenshots of games to social media — even Nintendo joined in with a screenshot button on the Switch — an increasingly common feature in games is a special photo mode that allows players to take screenshots in-game, with the ability to remove a game's HUD and apply various filters before sharing their creations to the world. Now it'd be weird for us to mention this for no reason, so as you can probably guess, ONRUSH will have its own photo mode. This mode will feature a 360 degree camera, a number of adaptable features, and even the ability to change the camera's shutter speed, zoom and focus distance so players can create the perfect shot. Want to see a little of it in action? Check out these latest screenshots for the game that were all captured by the developers themselves with the mode.

The other announcement was that the game will be receiving a Deluxe Edition. Only the PS4 version has been detailed so far and it contains an exclusive vehicle as well as an exclusive crashtag, two unique tombstones and quite a few exclusive vehicle designs — 17 to be exact. Codemasters has said that an exclusive Xbox digital edition is coming and that they are just being "extra mean to keep you extra keen", so feel free to speculate what that means. My guess (and I must stress GUESS) is something such as a special vehicle, like Halo's Warthog, in a similar vein to Rocket League. At the very least, the wording doesn't sound like they're taking anything away from Xbox owners.

This is the PS4's Deluxe edition. We can't imagine that Xbox's will be massively different but who knows?This is the PS4's Deluxe edition. We can't imagine that Xbox's will be massively different but who knows?

Finally, there's that all important release date. ONRUSH is set to, well, rush onto Xbox One on June 5th.

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