Latest Monster Hunter: World Patch Hopes To Fix Online Issues

By Andy Mills, 10 months ago
Monster Hunter: World, the latest in the long-running franchise, has been earning rave reviews from pretty much everyone who has played it. For plenty of Xbox One hunters, however, they may well be wondering what the fuss is about as the game has been plagued by online issues since its release. The latest patch released by Capcom hopes to fix at least some of those.

Pictured: A dramatisation of Capcom's battle against online issuesPictured: A dramatisation of Capcom's battle against online issues

While the major news for Xbox One owners is certainly the fixes for online issues, there are a couple other fixes in patch, which you can check out in the (rather short) patch notes below:

Major changes for Xbox One:
  • Fixed all matchmaking functionality issues for Xbox One players, including "Matchmake", "Filter Search", "Squad Sessions Session" and "Respond to SOS".
Major changes for PS4 and Xbox One:
  • Fixed a rare issue with gathering points and bounties not working correctly; points counter were not updating correctly.
  • Fixed two issues with the Hunting Horn:
    • Players would sometimes be unable to dodge-cancel while playing an Encore;
    • The initial shockwave blast when playing a song sometimes wouldn’t happen.
In an update, however, Capcom has noted that some players on Xbox One are still having matchmaking issues, and the company is investigating. It's better than it was previously at the very least, and hopefully everyone looking to hunt on Xbox One will soon be able to put Monster Hunter: World's rocky launch behind them and find out what everyone else was raving about.

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