Episode Three Of Vampyr's Making Of Series Looks At The World's Humans

By Andy Mills, 1 year ago
For the past couple of weeks now, French studio Dontnod Entertainment has been releasing videos that look at the making of their next game, Vampyr. Previous episodes have looked at the game's doctor-turned-vampire protagonist Jonathan Reid, and the world of 1918 London that he'll inhabit. This next episode in the four-part series turns attention to the human beings that will join Dr. Reid in that world.


While the majority of NPCs in most games, particularly RPGs, are almost irrelevant on the whole, Dontnod is looking to make every single one feel more than just "nameless blood bags" in the game's world, making the player feel all the worse when they need to feed on them if they want to improve.

I'll be honest, if Dontnod manages to make these NPCs even half as compelling as some of the characters from their previous work Life Is Strange, I might actually have quite some trouble chowing down when Vampyr launches on Xbox One later this Spring.

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Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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