Short Trailer For Dynasty Warriors 9 And More Character Highlight Videos

By Andy Mills, 10 months ago
The release of hack-and-slasher Dynasty Warriors 9, the latest in the long-running franchise, is less than a week away. With that in mind, the team at KOEI Tecmo has released a 30-second trailer, as well as some more of those character trailers we all love.

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With the title of the 30-second video called "30 Second Ad", you don't need Sherlock Holmes to figure out what's the purpose of the video. Prepare to see this a decent amount on YouTube, Twitch and all your favourite gaming-related websites.

We've finally approached the point where there's not that many characters left to highlight, so the ones on offer today might be the final ones we see before the game's release.

Zhang He

Zhang He was one of the Five Generals of Wei, he was a well-rounded character with skills in the military arts, literature, and music. In addition to his well-mannered behavior, these skills gave him a fascinating charm not commonly seen among his peers.
Sun Shangxiang

Sun Shangxiang is bright and vivacious, she eagerly took to the battlefield and consistently proved that she was as good as or better than the men around her. Though her straightforward personality caused her to be one of the first to charge her enemies, her skill with weapons was sufficient to allow her to survive. She earned the nickname "Princess of the Bow" due to her beauty and her proficiency with a bow.
Pang Tong

Pang Tong nicknamed the "Fledgling Phoenix" was a brilliant military tactician who studied under the same master as Zhuge Liang. Although he typically showed a whimsical attitude, he was not one to mince words and often spoke the truth stemming from his firm understanding of the entire situation.
Guo Huai

Guo Hai was indebted to Xiahou Yuan and Sima Yu, because of this he became an active officer of Wei in the many battles against Shu. Although sickly and frequently coughing, he proved his unquestionable loyalty and value on the battlefield.
Ma Dai

Ma Dai always had a cheerful demeanor and was quick to earn Zhuge Liang's trust who gave him vital responsibilities in the battles with Wei. Along with his cousin, Ma Chao, he went on to serve Shu after losing his home to Cao Cao's conquest.
Cai Wenji

Cai Wenji was praised for her beauty and skills in music, it was often said that she hid great wisdom and strength behind her quiet and weary demeanor. As the daughter of Cai Yong of the Later Han, she was once abducted by the Xiongnu tribe during one of their raids but was later saved by Cao Cao.
Wen Yang

Wen Yang had unprecedented courage and valor in battle, and his accomplishments on the battlefield were reminiscent of those of the great Zhao Yun.
By my count, that brings us to over 70. KOEI Temco did promise a rather vague 70+ characters, however, so maybe we'll see you again before Dynasty Warriors 9 launches on February 13th.

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