Dovetail Games Euro Fishing New DLC Announced and February Update Details

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
The content releases for the Season Pass in Dovetail Games Euro Fishing have come to an end with the upcoming release of the "Bergsee" add-on. The fourth and final DLC to release as part of the Season Pass will offer the biggest challenge yet, with a brand new species of fish, an enormous lake, and a whole lot more.


The new species of fish, perch, will be available to catch at Bergsee, a picturesque 15-acre lake. Some of the largest coarse fish seen in the game to date will also be in the lake, which can be found in the foothills of the Austrian mountains. There will be Carp that's grown to 36lbs, Bream at over 19lbs, and Tench at over 14lbs, all ready to be caught in the new lake.

Desmond O'Conner, Fishing Producer at Dovetail Games, believes the new challenges will test even the most seasoned fishermen:

We’re incredibly excited to bring Perch to Euro Fishing. For those fans who think they’ve mastered everything Euro Fishing has to offer, we can’t wait to see how well they fare against this new challenge!
Take a look at a variety of screens for a sample of what's to come in the new DLC:

Ahead of the DLC's release, a free update has been released that adds five new licensed lines from Ridgemonkey, as well as 12 new baits from Baitworks, Hydra, Mainline, and Enterprise. Here's the list of new RidgeMonkey lines added to the game:

  • RidgeMonkey RM-Tec Mono 12lb (Green)
  • RidgeMonkey RM-Tec Mono 15lb (Brown)
  • RidgeMonkey RM-Tec Mono 18lb (Clear)
  • RidgeMonkey RM-Tec Fluoro 20lb (Clear/white)
  • RidgeMonkey RM-Tec Braid 30lb (Green)
Take a look at the 12 new baits that have come with the new update:

  • Baitworks Monster Red 18mm Boilie
  • Baitworks Scent from Heaven 15mm Pop Up
  • Baitworks Scent from Hell 15mm Pop Up
  • Hydra Baits SOS 20mm Boilie
  • Hydra Baits Hex 14mm Pop Up
  • Mainline Banoffee 15mm Boilie
  • Mainline Tutti Fruitti 15mm Pop Up
  • Mainline Milky Toffee 15mm Pop Up
  • Mainline Tuna Match Boilies 8mm Boilie
  • Enterprise Tackle Niteglow boilies small
  • Enterprise Tackle Niteglow Sweetcorn small
  • Enterprise Tackle Imitation Prawns Large
New challenges will also await eager fishers to keep you hooked with the joys of angling for many more gaming hours to come. Players will have the option to change their reel speed, too, by simply pressing cn_RB/cn_LB on their controller. With this change, the "Reset Cast" button has now been moved to cn_B. Here are the full patch notes for the free February update:

  • Reel Speed – reel speed can now be increased/decreased using RB/LB.
  • ‘Reset cast’ control is now set to ‘B’ to make room for reel speed controls.
  • 'Change swim’ in single player tournaments is now set to ‘X’.
  • 5 new lines and 12 new baits have been added to the Tackle Shop.
  • Adjusted Leather Carp behaviour to be more realistic, a wider weight range of the species now take the appropriate baits.
  • Audio improvements for ambience and footsteps.
  • Fixed audio issue with slipping line.
  • Fixed crash when removing Ethernet cable. (Xbox only)
  • Various minor localisation bug fixes.
The February update is available right now. The "Bergsee" DLC will be available as part of Season Pass for Dovetail Games Euro Fishing on February 13th, or can be purchased separately for £8.99 or your regional equivalent.

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