Fox n Forests Launching Spring 2018

By Kelly Packard, 10 months ago
Developer Bonus Level Entertainment has announced that their 2D action platformer Fox n Forests, which was Kickstarted in August 2016, will release for consoles later this year. The game follows Rick the Fox, whose crossbow weapon can be used at melee- or long-range. Rick can also switch between the different seasons, which will vary depending on the level. A teaser trailer has been released to celebrate the release window announcement milestone.

Bonus Level promises "pixel perfect platforming, screen filling bosses, rich bonus levels, powerful potions, bags of loot, stuffed shops, clever backtracking, challenging skill tests, a magic melee crossbow to shoot and slash enemies, upgradeable shots, not 4 but 5 seasons to explore, stunning 16-Bit pixel art, a catchy chip tunes soundtrack and tons of humorous retro charm combined with the luxuries of modern game design."

Fox n Forests

An exact release date has not been narrowed down, but the developer says the PC version is "almost 100% finished" and they already have the console ports in progress. Expect Fox n Forests on Xbox One in spring 2018.

We've got the full list of Fox n Forests achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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