Fable 3 DLC 'Traitor's Keep' Now Available

By Jonathan Barnes, 7 years ago
Lionhead has officially released the next DLC pack for Fable III. "The Traitor's Keep" promises to take gamers on their first "grand adventure" as the ruler of Albion.

Experience your first grand adventure as the ruler of Albion, visiting the kingdom's secret prison and tracking down the most dangerous criminals in the land. You may have led a rebellion once, but can you survive your encounters with a new wave of revolutionaries? To help you on your way, this pack also includes a Clockwork Dog Potion. Just let your dog have a sip when he's lying in his basket in the Sanctuary.
In addition, Lionhead has also just released a new, free outfit, "The Soldier Outfit" is a "dashing military uniform" that includes boots, hat, top and trousers.

"The Traitor's Keep" costs 560 MSP, adds ten achievements worth 250 Gamerscore and can be downloaded here.

"The Soldier Outfit" is free and can be downloaded here.
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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