Yes, It's Time For Some More Dynasty Warriors 9 Character Highlight Videos

By Andy Mills, 1 year ago
There's only a few days to go until the release of hack-and-slasher Dynasty Warriors 9, and publisher KOEI Tecmo is still releasing videos for the game. That's right, we've got more of those short character highlights you all know and love.

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This (potentially final?) time, eight more fighters each have their own short amount of time in the spotlight.

Meng Huo

With his huge stature and exceptional strength, Meng Huo was both Nanzhong's king and its greatest warrior. Generally acting on emotion rather than thought, his fierce looks hid an underlying love and fear of his wife.
Fa Zheng

Fa Zheng was a key figure in Liu Bei's efforts to take the land of Shu and formerly served Liu Zhang. He was a brilliant tactician and pacified Yi Province with his strategies, as well as participated in the invasion of Hanzhong. He strongly believed in repaying his debts, whether it was for good or ill.
Han Dang

Han Dang, originally a footman from Liaoxi Province, was discovered by Sun Jian wherein he went on to serve Wu as a naval leader. He became a veteran general under Wu wherein he served the Sun family for three generations.
Huang Gai

Huang Gai was a dedicated officer who fought under the Wu banner since the time of Sun Jian, he was a battle-hardened warrior who openly displayed his experience. Confident in his abilities, he showed great mettle by always fighting in the front lines despite his age.
Zuo Ci

Zuo Ci had the ability to use sorcery to perform supernatural miracles. He lamented the chaos that enveloped the world and hoped for the virtuous Liu Bei to bring forth a new age of peace.
Yue Jin

Yue Jin joined Cao Cao's army from its formation and served as its general wherein he spearheaded many battles. Despite his small build and quiet personality, his superior physical ability shone once in battle.
Zhong Hui

Zhong Hui became a general at a very young age and considered Deng Ai as his rival. Extremely talented, he enjoyed battles but was not trusted by older generals due to his overconfidence.
Zhang Bao

Zhang Bao, son of Zhang Fei, grew to be as skilled in battle as his father. Along with his brother-in-law, Guan Xing, his skills were proven to be a valuable asset in the many battles in the Northern Campaign. With a strong sense of responsibility, he often enjoyed taking care of others.
We're kinda through the looking glass a little here as we're at the supposed 70+ characters that KOEI Tecmo had mentioned. We may or may not see more highlight videos before Dynasty Warriors 9 launches on February 13th.

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