ilomilo DLC Announced

By Jonathan Barnes, 7 years ago
In a blog post today, SouthEnd Interactive announced the first, official DLC for ilomilo. Titled "Autumn Tale", the DLC will add nineteen new levels and six new bonus levels, as well as three new achievements.

The blog post describes "Autumn Tale" with the following:

Like an autumn leaf it comes soaring with the wind and momentarily lands in your hair before laying to rest on the ground. You pick it up and you look at it with a smile, and you say:

- “Whoa! You’re one fabulastic looking leaf! I’m gonna take you home and love you and call you Cuddles. You and me, we’re gonna have so much fun together!”
SouthEnd has also released a video preview of the DLC:

"Autumn Tale" will be released on March 9th, no pricing has yet been established.
Credit for this story goes to RadiantViper
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