Fireburst Detailed

By Jonathan Barnes, 7 years ago
In a press release issued today, Cincinnati developers Zoo Entertainment announced their plans to release their upcoming racing game Fireburst as an Xbox LIVE Arcade title this summer.

Zoo's CEO Mark Seremet seems to be setting the bar pretty high in extolling the game's praises:

Fireburst is a game unlike anything we’ve delivered before. We hope to challenge the most avid racing gamers by offering enhanced customizations, multiplayer functionality and a dynamic array of cars and characters. Its unique concept, intense gameplay and stunning graphics are sure to excite even the most veteran gamers.
Fireburst was developed using the Unreal Engine 3 and will feature both paved racecourses as well as off-road tracks.

The game will release with fifteen different maps that include airfields, docks, sewers, warehouses, and waterfalls just to name a few. Gamers will also have a good bit of variety in vehicle choices as Fireburst will offer sixteen different vehicles in four distinct categories: Buggies, Muscle Cars, Trucks, and Offroaders/4x4s. To top matters off, each car class have one of four distinct "Fireboost" capabilities: "Fireball", "Firewheels", "Firewall" and "Fireblast".

While choice in vehicles is good, customization options are even better. Fireburst is set to offer more than 250 car skins and sixteen eccentric characters. Gamers will be able to gradually unlock bodywork art, skins and characters as they win races.

Multiplayer has been confirmed for the title and is set to include 4-player split-screen functionality, single player, and multiplayer modes, as well as multiplayer matches where racers can taunt their opponents.

Zoo Entertainment has also released a teaser trailer:

Fireburst is scheduled for a summer release, is not yet rated and will be available for 800 MSP.
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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