Dynasty Warriors 9 Achievement List Revealed

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
The Dynasty Warriors hack & slash series is currently offering 8000 Gamerscore with another fresh 1000 coming soon thanks to the upcoming release of Dynasty Warriors 9. You've watched a ton of character trailers and read up on other bits of news leading up to the title's release, but now it's time to see what the achievements will have to offer.

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The list will include the likes of achievements related to levelling up, progressing through the story, purchasing items during the game, and I'll personally be very surprised if there's not an achievement for obtaining all of the other achievements again. The latest instalments in the series have been estimated to take 60 or more hours to complete, so if you enjoy the hacking and slashing of Dynasty Warriors, you can expect to be in for a pleasurable experience as you spend your time enjoying the latest in the series while working your way to a full completion. Let's take a look at the newly revealed list:

There are 44 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, 6 of which are secret (to reveal the details of the secret achievements, please use this link):

Name Description Gamerscore
Legend of Wei Complete the story of Wei. 30
Traces of a Hero Complete a story. 10
True Warrior of the 3 Kingdoms Obtain all of the achievements in the game. 90
Flowers Amidst the Chaos Unlock all of the officers. 80
The Pinnacle of Might Earn a total of 100,000 K.O.s. 80
Veteran Master Raise an officer to the highest level. 30
Secret Achievement Continue playing to unlock this achievement. 30
Winged Equine Raise a horse to the highest level. 30
Golden Palace Earn a total of 90,000 gold. 30
Secret Achievement Continue playing to unlock this achievement. 30
Secret Achievement Continue playing to unlock this achievement. 30
Legend of Wu Complete the story of Wu. 30
Legend of Shu Complete the story of Shu. 30
Legend of Jin Complete the story of Jin. 30
Storyteller Complete the stories of the kingdoms other than Wei, Wu, Shu, and Jin. 30
Master of the Hunt Earn a total of 5,000 Hunting Points. 30
A Gathering of Heroes Unlock 45 officers. 30
Extensive Knowledge Unlock all battle entries in the Encyclopedia. 30
Wanderlust Discover 75% of the locations in the game. 30
Secret Achievement Continue playing to unlock this achievement. 10
One Warrior vs. a Thousand Defeat 1,000 enemies in a single battle. 10
Equestrian Defeat 1,000 enemies while mounted on a horse. 10
Sun Piercer Defeat 1,000 enemies with bow attacks. 30
Sure Shot Defeat 100 enemies with bow attacks. 10
Sword Brandisher Defeat 100 enemies with assault attacks. 10
Secret Achievement Continue playing to unlock this achievement. 30
Storm and Stress Achieve a 1,000 hit combo. 10
Secret Achievement Continue playing to unlock this achievement. 10
Smasher Defeat a powerful enemy. 10
Traveler Discover 35% of the locations in the game. 10
Interior Decorator Obtain 10 pieces of furniture. 10
Collector Obtain 20 gems. 10
A Brush with Expertise Obtain a High-class weapon. 10
Master of the Martial Arts Obtain 30 weapons. 10
Nimble Fingers Perform synthesis 100 times. 10
Sworn Friends Form a bond at the maximum level with another officer. 10
Hideaway Obtain a hideaway. 10
Epicure Eat 100 meals. 10
Fisher Catch 30 items while fishing. 10
Steady Worker Obtain 30 items by using box traps. 10
Sightseer Discover a scenic area. 10
End of an Era Complete a key mission. 10
New Allies Unlock an officer. 10
Graduation Day Complete the tutorial for one of the kingdoms. 10
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