Weekend Announcements February 9-11th: Descenders, Farming Simulator 19 and More

By Rebecca Smith,
Another weekend passes by and yet more titles are announced during the site's quiet period. Below are seven titles that have been confirmed for consoles, although whether that means we'll see all of them on the Xbox One remains to be seen. Here's the list:


This "dungeon crawler with roguelike elements" tasks players with directing a party of four heroes as they venture through randomly generated dungeons on a quest to save Pylandria. To lift the darkness that has enveloped the land, they must locate Lich Lord Xelo Van, who has been resurrected alongside a legion of beasts. Players will need to balance the skills and abilities of their four party members, as well as combine them effectively to create co-operative attacks. Choose from a range of classes and then take part in real-time first-person battles to vanquish foes. The title is coming to Xbox One in Q3 2018.


RageSquid's last title tasked players with platforming around a toybox. In their next title, the stakes are higher. The downhill mountain biking game aims to capture the true feeling of freeriding down a mountain, pulling as many tricks as possible while staying in the saddle. Players begin in the Scottish Highlands before working their way through dense forests and huge canyons. The ultimate challenge lies in jumping out of a helicopter down dangerous mountain sides. Each world is procedurally generated and there are no power ups, so you rely solely on your skill to get you through. Bigger tricks mean bigger rewards, but the more points you have, the more you'll lose if you fall. You'll get the chance to risk it all when the title arrives in Xbox Game Preview this summer.

Dungeon Stars

Furnace Games' "hack & slash dungeon crawler" will be coming to unspecified consoles later this year courtesy of Riposte Games & Co, who have assumed publishing duties for the studio's next two titles. Players seemingly enter Star Portals to get to their next quest, upon which they can take one of a number of heroes who each have their own abilities. There also seems to be a range of companion creatures with their own abilities. Not much else is known about the title, but you can get a look at it in the trailer below.


Eastshade isn't just the name of the game, it's also the name of the developer and the island on which the game takes place. Players assume the role of a travelling painter who aims to explore and capture the island on canvas. Meanwhile, conversations or trading paintings with friendly locals will allow access to more items, secrets and knowledge that will get you to hidden places and unravel some of the island's mysteries. All player actions and conversation choices will affect how they interact with other characters and how some situations will play out later in the game. The title will be released on PC in the future and will come to unspecified consoles soon after that.


Fazan Games' upcoming title is a "role-playing Battle Royale with an intense hardcore melee combat system" that takes place in an alternate universe, which combines Retrowave, Lovecraft mythology and the Victorian era. The combat takes place in a multi-level city with streets, houses and a sewer system. Players can choose from a range of heroes, each of which will have their own abilities, weapons and options to upgrade. The game will include solo and "team-up" modes, although these weren't detailed any further. You'll be able to try it out when it comes to Xbox One later this year.

Farming Simulator 19

Details on the latest instalment in the Farming Simulator franchise are thin on the ground, as it only garnered a passing mention in publisher Focus Home Interactive's quarterly earnings report. What we do know is that the game will come with "important new features anticipated by the game’s fans", as well as a new game engine that promises better graphics "close to the best productions on the market". The title is expected this year, although platforms were also not mentioned.


Premium Pool Arena

The final title in the list was revealed not by a press release but by a product listing on the Microsoft Store. BigBen Interactive's latest publishing venture is a pool game that offers a variety of game modes, including traditional 8-ball and daily challenges, and "ultra intuitive" gameplay. As players improve and complete tournaments against increasingly difficult AI, they'll unlock better cues and eventually work their way to becoming the absolute champion. There will also be different table styles to customise your game. The title will arrive on Xbox One next week, on February 20th.

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