Streets Of Rogue Officially Announced For Xbox One

By Andy Mills, 1 month ago
Whether it's a game about madly jumping between trucks, a party-hating killer, or even ones where there's No Time To Explain, tinyBuild Games tends to help publish some of the more interesting indie titles out there. The next title they're helping to bring to the world is Matt Dabrowski's Streets of Rogue, supposedly the world's only action-RPG-shooter-roguelike-stealth-brawler. Considering all the genres in there, we're willing to believe them.

Streets of Rogue

We've actually known the title would be coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 as a Play Anywhere title for a while now, so this announcement is more of a re-introduction for those of us who have seen it before. For those that haven't, feel free to watch the trailer below and enjoy the chaos and variety on show.

Streets of Rogue is currently scheduled to launch on Xbox One later this year.
Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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