How Likely Are These Sequel Announcements in 2018?

By Mark Delaney, 10 months ago
There's less than four months between today and the start of E3. That means the next four months will see plenty of exciting new game reveals. Given the industry's propensity for releasing sequels, it stands to reason that many games we'll soon learn about will be of the sequel variety. With that in mind, we thought we'd get the jump on some of the hype surrounding announcement season. There are many sequels we can expect with such certainty that it's not even fun to play a guessing game, like new games for Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Forza, not to mention games that have been all but revealed already, like Shadow of the Tomb Raider. We'll overlook the low-hanging fruit and try to focus more on games that could very well happen but still take some fun amount of guesswork.

You're invited to form your own version of this list. We'll be ranking them from 1 (most likely) to 9 (least likely). Of course, if there are other games you wish to comment on or predict, please share those as well. Keep in mind, these are all games we expect will eventually receive sequels. The question is will those sequels be announced this year? With that in mind, play along with us!

1. Splinter Cell

Homeland 3

Last year really felt like it was the year Sam Fisher fans have been waiting for. At E3 2017 however, it turned out Ubisoft's annual surprise was Beyond Good and Evil 2. Soon after the show, the publisher assured fans more Splinter Cell is on the way. We just needed to be a bit more patient. Sometime between now and mid-June, a new game in the series will be revealed, of this we are confident. Ubisoft leaks like a sieve, too, so even if they intend to wait until the big show to reveal it, in reality, we could learn of it any day now. What do you want to see from a new Splinter Cell when it is certainly, definitely, no-doubt-about-it revealed this year? Yikes, we hope we've got this one right.

2. Borderlands


Randy Pitchford has all but addressed the development of Borderlands 3 by name on a number of occasions. Such teasing has been going on for a few years too, so 2018 seems about right for a reveal. Given the way publishers like to truncate marketing windows these days, we could see it revealed and released all in 2018. As indicated by this list, we're not as sure of this sequel announcement as we are of Splinter Cell, but if we had to wager on any two of this list, this would be the other one. What kind of playable characters would you like to see in the next one?

3. Halo

Halo 5

343 has seemed to imply a new Halo game won't be coming out this year, but that doesn't mean it won't be revealed. With the Xbox One X launch in the past, this year's E3 feels like it'll be all about the games. What game is bigger than Halo for the green team? Maybe it'll just be a teaser or maybe even a full reveal, but we feel pretty sure that a new game in the storied history of Halo will be titled and dated with at least an expected launch window. After so many games, where should the story go next?

4. Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed Origins DLC

Here's we start feeling considerably less sure. Could a new game be on the way just a year after the success of Origins? We really hope not. It's possible the publisher didn't learn their lesson that more time in the studio is probably a good thing. However, with the remastered Rogue on the way and a rumored remastered Assassin's Creed III coming soon too, maybe that means Ubi is satisfied with not releasing a brand new sequel in 2018. This year is really a test of patience for the French game makers.

5. Hitman


As we spoke of on the TA Playlist Podcast, we've been told a second season of HITMAN is planned. The question is when? This question gets more difficult to answer when you consider IO Interactive is now the rights owner of the property. Does that mean they're in more of a rush to get season two into stores in some form, be it all-in-one or episodic again, or could that ownership signal a slower burn in the studio? Typically it's many years between releases so if we get a new game revealed and released this year, it'll signal the quickest turnaround in the series' history.

6. BioShock


This one may seem like an odd choice since all the original creators have moved on to a new game and studio, but Take-Two owns the rights to the franchise and has been promising for years that we'll see more with the BioShock name in time. Is it now, finally, the right time? It could be, though feeling less than confident, we stuck it in the middle of this list. Expecting it'll be set neither in Rapture nor Columbia, the most exciting part of such a reveal would be to see where it goes next. Even without Ken Levine and company, we want to believe Take-Two could wrangle some smart and creative creators to respect the legacy of the series that has always had a lot to say.

7. Gears of War

Gears of War 4

There's no doubt a new Gears is going to release someday, but it feels too soon right now. More than that, it seems unlikely we would get aHalo reveal and Gears reveal in the same year, so we went with the one that's been dormant longer. We suppose if the Xbox crew really wants to pile on its message that it's promising to fix its exclusives problem, they could reveal them simultaneously, but that may not do much good seeing as how Gears is one of the few series that does consistently get supported. Sorry, fans, we expect you'll need to wait another year.

8. Batman

Batman Nightwing Robin

Fact: Rocksteady is working on something. Fact: After Arkham Knight, it was strongly implied that Rocksteady would be moving on from the Dark Knight — but what if they're not? They're in the studio doing motion capture right now, so it would seem too soon to hear more at E3, but might we see a reveal at the end of the year, at The Game Awards perhaps? Whatever they're working on, we do think it'll be revealed in 2018, but whether or not it'll be a Batman game is a coin flip. Somebody call Harvey Dent!

9. Fable

Screen 1

TA Staff is split on whether we believe the rumor that Playground Games has been given the Fable revival project. I, the one writing this, do think it's true. What we all seem to agree on, at least, is that it's years away and thus won't be revealed this year. Microsoft has learned their lesson, we hope, from revealing games much too soon, like Scalebound and Fable Legends. It may actually be two or even three years before we hear more about this new Fable — again, if it's happening at all. What's more important is what it'll look like when it is shown off. Fable has a unique charm to it (which we'll be discussing in a future op-ed), and that feels key to retaining if or when it comes back.

Let us see your rankings! E3, The Game Awards, Gamescom, and more will all bring with them new game reveals, teases, and details for what might each be the game some of us are waiting for. Which game is that for you, and how confident are you that you'll hear about it this year?
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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