Friday The 13th to Get Jason Weapon Swapping Update

By Stephanie Caldwell, 1 year ago
A new update has been announced for Friday the 13th: The Game and this one is for Jason Voorhees only. Have you ever wanted to play as Jason Part IV but wanted Jason Part V’s weapon? If so, the latest update is for you. Gun Media has announced an update where you can play as any Jason but change the weapon you use.

Weapon Change Update for Friday the 13th.

Now you’ll be able to take down the counselors with your favorite sharp object regardless of which version of the killer you select. More updates will be added to the game within the next few weeks and months, including more new maps and new playable Jasons.

No timeframe has been mentioned other than the video's use of "coming soon." With the promise of continuous regular updates, it looks as though there is plenty for Friday the 13th fans to anticipate. Just be careful! Jason is out there... somewhere.

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