Weekend Announcements February 16-18th: Shift Quantum, Fossil Hunters and More

By Rebecca Smith,
It's that time of the week again. The weekend brought along six new titles that will be coming to the Xbox One at some point in the future. They include investigating a kidnapping, a hunt for fossils, a dogfight against the Gods, a quest to find an amulet, brain analysis, and an attempt to save a chain of sky islands. Which of these titles captures your interest?

Bear With Me

Exordium Games' noire point-and-click adventure tells the story of 10 year-old Amber and her imaginary friend Ted E. Bear. Amber's brother has been kidnapped and is being held in Paper City. If the pair are to find him, they'll need to solve puzzles, look for clues and interview suspects like the Mugshot Brothers, a pair of toy rabbits that mugged their child patrons instead of running a business legitimately. Although released episodically on Steam, the Xbox One version will include all three of the game's episodes in one bundle, which will be released in Q2 2018.

Fossil Hunters

Most fossil hunters are happy just to find a rare specimen, but not in Reptoid Games' upcoming title. Not only must you find the fossils, you then need to assemble them into dinosaurs and other creatures, all while avoiding underground cave-ins, monsters and the occasional trap. In addition to the fossils, there are secrets and treasures to be found, as well as tracing the fossil hunters who entered the cave network before you did. You'll get to make your own way through the caves when the title hits Xbox One in Q2 2018.

Hyper Gods

Ground Control Studios' shoot 'em up is described as an "ultra-fast dogfighter" where players battle against different Gods who each rule a section of the universe. By destroying or capturing the Gods, players can harness and use their power. The overall aim is to defeat all of the Gods. Currently available on Steam, the title will make its debut during the latter part of this year.

Innocence Island

The developer of Vaccine and FreezeMe, Rainy Night Creations, is back with his latest creation in the form of this adventure title. Sent by your master, you must find an ancient amulet with hidden powers, but along the way you suffer an accident. Left with amnesia and no recollection of your abilities, you must observe the world around you to learn how to overcome obstacles. By learning and sharing knowledge with other people, you may even find out the amulet's true power... once you actually find it, of course. The title is coming to Xbox One in the future.

Shift Quantum

Developer Fishing Cactus has a tempting offer for players of their upcoming title. You see, Axon Vertigo is a company that promises to give people a better quality of life through their cerebral contentedness programming. You'll take part in the Shift Quantum program, solving puzzles through the unique mechanic of SHIFTING. This creates negative space when the world is inverted, changing barriers into escape routes and vice versa. While you conquer the program's obstacles, Axon Vertigo is analyzing your brain activity, looking for pattern recognition and creative thinking in an attempt to bring you happiness, and who doesn't want to be happy? You'll get a chance to try out their program when the game comes to Xbox One this spring.


The world of Windscape is made up of floating islands. On one of them resides a young girl and her parents, who own a farm. The problem is that something worrying is happening; islands have started to break up and fall out of the sky. Throughout this first-person exploration adventure, players will gather resources, craft items, make friends with other residents and defeat vicious monsters as they attempt to destroy the evil that is causing the problem. The title will be coming to Xbox One in the future.

Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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