Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter One Launches Next Week

By Rebecca Smith, 10 months ago
Announced several weeks ago, the Beyond – Chapter One expansion for Elite: Dangerous has been much anticipated. The free update will add new content to progress the game's storyline to follow on from the Thargoids' assault against humanity’s starports, as well as giving new tools and options for pilots. Frontier Developments has announced that this content, the first update of Season Three, will be reaching players next week.

Elite: Dangerous

The update focuses on improvements requested by the game's community. This includes changes to the crime and punishment system to make the galaxy "fairer and more competitive". Repeat offenders will be hunted down by the new Advance Tactical Response, and their crimes will be attached to their spacecrafts, making it a "Hot Ship". New notoriety levels mean that those crimes also have consequences and the galaxy will become a more challenging place to be for criminal pilots.

Beginning on launch day, technology brokers will appear in stations across the galaxy. As dealers in rare tools and technologies, they'll offer players the chance to obtain items "based on their personal narrative and experience". Material traders will also be appearing, and they'll allow players to convert and exchange their materials. This will make engineering and tech broker missions more accessible. If you want to catch up with the latest news, GalNet Audio is being introduced so that players can learn of what's happening in the galaxy without having to pause whatever activity they were doing.

Other updates that will arrive with Beyond – Chapter One include:
  • A trade data overlay to help players find the most profitable trades.
  • Engineering mechanic changes to improve crafting.
  • An overhaul of the mission rewards system.
  • The Chieftain — a new combat ship built to counter the latest Thargoid threat.
You can take a better look at the upcoming update in the trailer below.

As mentioned at the end of the trailer, Beyond – Chapter One will be available for download on February 27th.

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