Rock Band Rivals Online Quickplay Now Available

By Will Cruz, 10 months ago
Last week, Harmonix announced a new update for Rock Band 4 that players have been craving since its initial release: proper online matchmaking. Online multiplayer was a feature added with the release of the “Rivals” expansion, but it lacked the ability to jam with strangers online. The latest update solves this issue, so now players can rock out they way they choose.

Rock Band 4

The new online hub aims to make the experience a bit more seamless and accessible to players. Gamers now have the option to quick join a session, which will auto join with their current instrument. However, if you need structure, browsing sessions with specific criteria is an option. Want to aim for the high score or just play for fun? These options are now available. Each session will list key information to help players determine what type of session they need. Additionally, if no specific session suits the rockers needs, they can customize and create their own session.

The full patch notes are available here. On the flip-side, Harmonix released a new trailer summarizing the update in a minute or so — check it out below.

The latest update is now live.

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