Ys Origin Announced for Xbox One

By Kelly Packard, 10 months ago
Publisher DotEmu has announced the Ys series will be gracing Xbox consoles for the first time ever with Ys Origin. The game originally released on PC in 2006 and later PlayStation 4 and Vita in 2017. The Xbox announcement is surprising but not unwelcome, especially considering many Xbox players are clamoring for more JRPGs on the system.

Origin is a great starting point for new players because it "takes place 700 years before the events of the series’ first games." Players will step into the shoes of Yunica, a warrior who specializes with his axe, or Hugo, a spell-casting sorcerer. There's also a third character, whom the developer recommends you don't spoil until you play the game.

The developer also promises Xbox players will enjoy the "three playable characters, fast-paced gameplay, and a great story," as well as the "epic boss fights and various game modes."

There is no release date as of this writing, but DotEmu's post also promises "exclusive content for Xbox One."

We've got the full list of Ys Origin achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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