Operation Flashpoint: Red River Gameplay Videos

By Rebecca Smith,
The USMC force sprints towards a PLA force, who are dug in at a nearby settlement. Your soldier stops and fires at two distant enemies, but then your screen turns red and bullets whizz past your head. Forced to take cover, you watch as an incoming mortar and artillery strike claims several casualties from your party. This all-to-brief footage from Operation Flashpoint: Red River is taken from hardcore mode and doesn't come with a commentary:

In a second, longer, video, the sun is setting as USMC fireteam Outlaw 2 Bravo pause on a ridge overlooking another PLA settlement. Two enemy helicopters pass to the south-east, whilst an enemy insurgent is spotted on a rooftop to the east. After the helicopters have passed, your soldier calls in combat support and unleashes a devastating JDAM strike on the settlement. You urge your team forward before the dust even has a chance to settle:

Operation Flashpoint: Red River is due to be released on April 21st, 2011 in Europe and Australia, and on April 26th in North America.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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