Easiest Xbox Achievement Lists from February 2018

By Mark Delaney,
We're back with another round of our Easy Gamerscore Awareness campaign. We've yet to make up the wristbands and fliers, but it seems the word is getting out there after our community appreciated the inaugural edition last month.

Made available in February are fewer easy completion games than January offered, but there's still several thousand Gamerscore to be had if you're looking for a quick boost. On this list are four more NEOGEO games, as they look primed to survive with the cockroaches long after our nuclear winter/AI uprising/climate apocalypse. Also on the docket are the second ever EA Originals-branded game, a 20-minute walking sim, and more from the recently controversial Artifex Mundi.

We've also incorporated a feature many of you requested last month. Scroll to the bottom to see a new button that will allow you to track the prices of the listed games in one click so you'll be alerted to any future sales. On to the games!

This month's ACA NEOGEO Games


Price: $7.99 each
Completion Time: 1-3 hours each

Yeah, we think from now on this format should do well. As these games can be expected to release once per week indefinitely we'll just continue lumping them together until one or more prove to be more difficult than the rest, or if they ever decide to stop releasing them altogether, which at this point seems likely to happen only when the whole NEOGEO library has been ported to Xbox One. On offer this past month are ACA NEOGEO SAMURAI SHODOWN III, ACA NEOGEO THE LAST BLADE 2, and ACA NEOGEO MAGICAL DROP III.

Find all ACA NEOGEO games here

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition (2018) (Windows)


Price: $19.99
Completion Time: 2-3 hours

Doing research for this story, I was surprised to see it be mentioned as a quick completion, but much like lots of other PC games, the explanation I came to find helped make sense of it all. Using console commands, you can unlock the game's many campaign achievements in a near-instant. After that, you just need to tend to specific scenarios by setting up the right environments for them to unfold and — boom — you're done. A game that many have played and will again play for dozens if not hundreds of hours, you can complete in the time it takes you to also watch a movie.

Download from Microsoft Store


Gamescom 2017

Price: $19.99
Completion Time: 5-7 hours

EA Originals kicked off with Coldwood's Unravel a few years ago, and in the span of just a few week's we'll receive the banner's next two titles. The first of that pair, the curiously titled Fe, is out now and brings with it a short achievement list of 13 unlocks in total. Most of them are quite simple and those that do take some time or practice, like unlocking all skills, can be done simply with the guides we have on site already. Our review called it a derivative but enjoyable arthouse platformer with themes of environmental conservation, so it's surely the type of game many will enjoy regardless of the easy list, but that helps too.

Download Fe

Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones

davy jones

Price: $14.99
Completion Time: 3-5 hours

Along with quick and easy ACA NEOGEO games are the slightly less quick, slightly less easy — but still very much both — Artifex Mundi games. This month's only title from the company is Davy Jones, and like most of its predecessors, you need to spend not even a half dozen hours with the adventure title to unlock the full 1000 G. How many of these have you played by now?

Download Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones

The Station

10/01/18 - Screens

Price: $14.99
Completion Time: 1 hour (20 minutes with a guide)

Having just played this for review yesterday (review coming soon), I can tell you this is truly the grand finale of the month. Without a guide you're likely to get nearly all of the game's 11 achievements pretty effortlessly in an hour. There's a chance to get them all that way, really, but if you don't want to risk it, there are already several guides on site including full 20-minute walkthroughs of the completion. It's a decent adventure game too, cut from the walking sim cloth wherein players unravel a mystery using environmental clues a la Gone Home. Not challenging, with a few fun puzzles and a tired but still sort of fun sci-fi twist, you may enjoy your brief stay on The Station, and you'll certainly like the 1000 G in under 30 minutes. That makes two months in a row where we've had such a game release. Maybe we can keep it going for March.

Download The Station

Did we miss any other easy achievement lists from last month? Let us know and we'll include them. Also be sure to tell us how we can improve this feature for you. See you next month!
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