Nine Parchments Achievement List Revealed

By Ashley Woodcock, 10 months ago
A group of drop-out wizard apprentices skipped the essential training they needed to make their path to the Nine Parchments a much shorter one. This isn't the case, however, in Frozenbyte's upcoming Nine Parchments as these wizards, even with their powerful spells that they haven't mastered as well as those they should have, head out on an adventure that won't be as straight-forward as they'd like it to be.


Thankfully, you won't be alone as an untrained wizard in this adventure as the game can be played in co-op. Through the game, players will discover new spells that can come from six different elemental types or have no elemental bonus at all. They can also grow their skill trees to craft their wizard the way they want, and there will be loot and items to find. As you can expect from an adventure title, the achievement list could be filled with story-related, collectable, cumulative, single player, and co-op related achievements as well as ones tied to the different spells and skills. Let's find out exactly what we need to work on with the newly revealed achievement list below.

There are 39 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret:

Name Description Gamerscore
Gaudeamus Igitur Collect all Achievements 80
Cornelius the Cornflower Unlock the Cornflower-Blue Cornelius character variation 15
Cornelius the Forester Unlock the Spring Forest Green Cornelius character variation 15
The Gilded Apprentice Complete the game in Hardcore with any character to unlock the Gilded Cornelius 50
The Trial of Fire Unlock the playable character Marvek the Torrid 15
The Searing Senior Unlock the Searing Senior Marvek character variation 15
The Emberlighter Unlock the Emberlighter Marvek character variation 15
The Gilded Fire-Wizard Complete the Trial of Fire Quest in Hardcore difficulty to unlock the Gilded Marvek 30
The Exchange Student Unlock Gislan the Exchange Student character variation 15
The Autumn Witch Unlock Gislan the Autumn Witch character variation 15
The Gilded Witch Complete A Stroll Through Meadows in Hardcore difficulty to unlock the Gilded Gislan 30
A Midnight Summoning Unlock the playable character Rudolfus the Strange 15
The Feline Warlock Unlock Rudolfus the Feline Warlock character variation 15
Rudolfus the Moonstruck Unlock Rudolfus the Moonstruck character variation 15
The Gilded Warlock Complete A Midnight Summoning quest in Hardcore difficulty to unlock the Gilded Rudolfus 30
The Trial of Ice Unlock the playable character Carabel the Glacial 15
Carabel the Rimy Unlock Carabel the Rimy character variation 15
Carabel of Eventide Unlock the Carabel of Eventide character variation 15
The Gilded Ice-Wizardess Complete the Trial of Ice Quest in Hardcore difficulty to unlock the Gilded Carabel 30
A Robotic Rescue Mission Unlock the playable character Owl 15
The Copper Owl Unlock the Copper Owl character variation 15
The Wolfram Owl Unlock the Wolfram Owl character variation 15
The Gilded Owl Complete A Robotic Rescue Mission in Hardcore difficulty to unlock the Gilded Owl 30
Vandalism at the Academy Unlock the playable character Nim the Cleaner 15
Boreal Nim Unlock the Boreal Nim character variation 15
November Nim Unlock the November Nim character variation 15
The Gilded Cleaner Complete Vandalism at the Academy in Hardcore difficulty to unlock the Gilded Nim 50
Advanced Box Magic Unlock a heroic playable character 30
The Gilded Hero Complete Advanced Box Magic in Hardcore difficulty to unlock our Gilded Hero 50
Who Ordered Shrimp Salad? Defeat the Treasure Mantis 30
Ruffling Feathers Defeat Icebeak the Unkind 30
Serpent Hunt Defeat the Reef Serpent 30
Bug Repellent Defeat the Silk Tree Guard 30
The Chimera's Cry Defeat the Chimera of Rage 30
The Ice Age Survivor Survive the Glacial Den 30
The Hogmeister Survive the Hogmart Arena 30
Graduation? Complete the game 50
Amadeus The Box Magician Unlock Amadeus The Box Magician character variation 15
Amadeus The Hero Unlock Amadeus The Hero character variation 30
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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