Ace Combat Assault Horizon Character Reveals

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Did you wonder who the Colonel was in the last trailer for the latest instalment in the Ace Combat franchise, Ace Combat Assault Horizon. Well, he is Lt. Colonel William Bishop of 108th Task Force, and he is one of five characters that I can introduce for you today.

Lt. Colonel William Bishop
Lt. Colonel William Bishop

Service: United States Air Force
Place of Birth: California, United States
Age: 37

Main character and Ace pilot of the Warwolf squadron.
Lead pilot of the 108th Task Force. A professional serviceman and a person of few words, his calm and cool action under pressure, extensive battle experience and unquestionable skill earn him the steadfast respect of his subordinates. His encounter with a formidable rival in Africa will test his skills as a pilot, and push him to the very brink.
Captain Jose "Guts" Gutierrez
Captain Jose Guts Gutierrez

Service: United States Air Force
Place of Birth: Miami, Florida, United States
Age: 32

Warwolf Squadron, Warwolf2, Bishop's close friend and wingman.
An experienced pilot and F-15 flight instructor, his skills nearly rival those of Colonel Bishop. A mood maker, his smart-aleck attitude and quick wit on the ground contrast with his often serious attitude in the air.
General Pierre La Pointe
General Pierre La Pointe

Service: French Air Force
Place of Birth: Undisclosed City, France
Age: 58

Commander of the allied forces, including the 108th Task Force. His demanding position requires that he wear the hats of both NATO military commander, and diplomat to local government bodies. Despite his superior rank, La Pointe holds Colonel Bishop's words and actions in high regard.
Major Janice Rehl
Major Janice Rehl

Service: United States Air Force
Place of Birth: Washington, United States
Age: 34

A female bomber pilot, she is assigned to operations in Africa at Lt. Colonel Bishop's request, where she pilots the AC-130U "Spooky 01". Independent and assertive, she is also free spirited and often jokes with Captain Gutierrez as if they were rival siblings.
Captain Doug "D-Ray" Robinson
Captain Doug D-Ray Robinson

Service: United States Army
Place of Birth: New York, New York, United States
Age: 43

Shooter Squadron, Shooter 1.
Captain of the AH-64D Apache Longbow Shooter Squadron, and commander of the Longbow and MH-60 BLACK HAWK Nomad Squadron. Having worked his way up through the ranks, he takes a strict yet protective stance toward his subordinates.
Attack helicopters, door gunners, gunships, bombers, fighter jets... it reads like a wishlist for the game. The only thing is this isn't just a wish-list; players will get to utilise all of these in their various roles in 108th Task Force. Allow this trailer to introduce you to a selection of the available vehicles:

For those of you who can't view the trailer, I've been able to find screenshots of three of the vehicles on show:

MH-60 Black Hawk, used by the US Army "Nomad Squadron"
MH-60 Black Hawk 1

MH-60 Black Hawk 2

MH-60 Black Hawk 3

AH-64D Apache Longbow, used by the US Army "Shooter Squadron"
AH-64D Apache Longbow 1

AH-64D Apache Longbow 2

AH-64D Apache Longbow 3

AC-130U Spooky, used by the USAF "Spooky 01"
AC-130U Spooky 1

AC-130U Spooky 2

AC-130U Spooky 3

There are three other vehicles shown in the trailer too:
• F-35B Lightning II, used by USAF "Warwolf Flight"
• F-15E Strike Eagle, also used by USAF "Warwolf Flight"
• B-2 Spirit, used by USAF "Razor Flight"

In the final bit of news for now, how would you like to be able to fly an F-15C in your own colours? Well, Namco Bandai Games have launched a competition of Facebook where you can design and submit up to three skin designs. This is how you can enter:

• Become a fan on the official ACE COMBAT™ Facebook page here
• Download the blank Template of the F-15C fighter
• "Create your masterwork of aeronautical design on the blank canvas"
• Send in your finished design via Facebook on or before March 31st

Fans across the world will be able to vote for their favourite designs through Facebook, with voting ending on April 8th. The voting will be open throughout the competition, so don't leave it too late to submit your entry, or else you'll never be able to catch up with the earlier designs.

The top ten designs will then be sent to Project Aces, who will make the final winning decision, and will announce the winner on Facebook on 21st April, 2011.

There are prizes for each of the top ten entries. Each will receive an in-game photo print dedicated and signed by the development team at Project Aces. The winner will not only have their design implemented into Ace Combat Assault Horizon, but will receive a signed print, and a special limited edition of the game too. The winning F-15C skin will be made available as DLC after the game has been released.

Ace Combat Assault Horizon is due to be released in 2011.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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