Defiance 2050 Announced for Xbox One

By Rebecca Smith, 10 months ago
Despite playing the game at release, it was still surprising to learn that Defiance is nearing its fifth anniversary. Throughout the game's history, developer Trion Worlds has been supporting it with new content and updates. However, they've now gotten to the point where updates no longer cut the mustard. The team wanted to take the title "to a whole new level and fully reimagine what can be done with a massive online shooter game". The result is Defiance 2050 and it's heading to Xbox One this year.

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Once again, players enter a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world full of advanced alien technology. However, those aliens are generally not friendly, so players will be able to team up with their friends in the online action shooter to take on story missions and take part in massive co-op battles, like the Arkfalls in the prequel. Like the last title, there will also be plenty of rare weapons and equipment to find. However, the game has been upgraded with new systems and gameplay mechanics, such as for character progression and loadout customisation. We've also been promised "cutting edge" graphics that take advantage of the processing power of the current generation of consoles.

Unlike the last title, which launched as a fully-priced retail title and changed to a free-to-play model 18 months later, Defiance 2050 has been developed as a "complete free to play experience". This means that not only has character progression and loadout customisation been upgraded, the mission structure and purchasable content has also been changed to fit in with the new model. This means that there will be "optional purchasable cosmetics and items" for players interested in splashing some real cash on the game. These will not be tied to power so that players never gain an advantage by spending more money than others. Take a look at the trailer below to see the team's intentions.

Unfortunately with all of these changes, this means that players will not be able to transfer their characters or their entire inventory of items. Trion Worlds did not want the game to be "hindered by the past". Some in-game progression will transfer, though, such as character slots and loadout slots. While this isn't fantastic news for players who have spent years creating the perfect build, the team will soon be introducing the Defiance Valor Program to thank previous players for their loyalty to the game. This program will allow players to earn exclusive upgrades and in-game rewards for Defiance 2050 upon its release. By completing Pursuits in Defiance, players will earn the new Valor Commendations currency that can be used to purchase items. The trailer below gives the briefest of glimpses into the upcoming title.

Finally, the game will be getting a closed beta in the future. While details on the beta have not been revealed, players can sign up here to try out the game before it is released this summer.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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