Super Lucky’s Tale Gilly Island DLC Released Today

By Rebecca Smith, 9 months ago
Ten days ago, a question was posed to the Super Lucky's Tale Twitter account as to whether the game would ever receive any DLC or a sequel. The answer was that there were plans for this and that we would be seeing Lucky again, although it wasn't clear whether this was referring to DLC or a sequel. It turns out they meant DLC, because a new "Gilly Island" expansion has surprisingly been released on the Microsoft Store today.

Welcome Back to Adventure!

"Super Lucky's Tale", the delightful playground platformer for all ages, returns with another thrilling chapter. Fresh from his victory over Jinx, Lucky is looking forward to a day off in good old Foxington. But the Book of Ages has other plans, and Lucky is once again pulled in, this time emerging into the tropical paradise of Gilly Island.

Despite its beauty and renown as an award-winning vacation spot, it's quickly apparent that something is amiss on Gilly Island. Lucky learns that Lady Meowmalade has hijacked the islands to throw the greatest (worst) party ever seen as she celebrates the release of her latest single. Now Lucky must rescue the islands and its vacationers from Meowmalade's chaos before it ruins their fun and ultimately wrecks havoc to all the worlds within the Book of Ages.

Join Lucky on his latest adventure, filled with classic platforming challenges, brain-bending puzzles, mysterious foxholes, and tropically treacherous obstacle courses. Meet characters new and old as you burrow your way through a sun-soaked paradise. May the luck of the clover guide your path!

The DLC adds 18 achievements worth a total of 500 Gamerscore. You can find guides to unlocking these achievements as soon as we have them on the Super Lucky's Tale Achievements page.

Name Description Gamerscore
We Will Rebuild Must... destroy... sandcastles! 5
Going Out With A Bang Defeat General Buttons and Mr. FluffinStuff in Three Cannon Salute 25
Put Some Aloe On That Successfully complete Stuck In Paradise 25
The Show Must Go On Successfully rescue the Soggy Boggy Boys’ Audience 25
Everybody Dance Meow Defeat Lady Meowmalade in her dance club 50
Fast Feet Collect All Diamonds in Secure The Talent 15
Which Way Do I Go? Look at every map in the Sunburn Maze 15
Thinking Outside The Box Beat Stuck in Paradise without flipping a switch 15
He's Got Mew-ves Defeat Lady Meow Without Getting Hit 25
We'll Let it Slide Complete all the Sliding Block Puzzles in Gilly Island 25
My Clove Will Go On Collect Every Clover in the Gilly Island 50
Someone Call For a Plumber? Defeat the Yeti in Secure The Talent 15
You Got Lucky This Time... Take no damage at the end of Three Cannon Salute 30
Fox and Robbers Activate all the Cash Registers 5
Show Me The Money Collect 15,000 Coins 15
Now That’s Dedication Collect 30,000 Coins 50
I’m a Completionist Collect 99,999 Coins 100
Thanks for Playing Watch the Credits 10
"Gilly Island" is available right now for US$4.99 / £4.19 / €4,99 and can be purchased from the Microsoft Store using the button below. Coinciding with the DLC's release, the full game was part of the list of titles that joined Xbox Game Pass today.

Download Super Lucky’s Tale - Gilly Island From the Microsoft Store

We've got the full list of Super Lucky's Tale achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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