Gears of War 4's March Update Achievements Revealed

By Kelly Packard, 9 months ago
The Coalition let players know months ago that they would continue to add achievements to Gears of War 4. Like, for a long time. We got a peek of an achievement last week, a nod to the old-school Seriously achievements, which were earned for getting huge amounts of kills. Now, The Coalition has announced the full list.

Gears of War 4 March Update

The list is split into two categories: Versus and Horde. Players will be asked to venture into the Competitive playlists for the Getting Competitive Achievement, and you can bet your chainsaw that a lot more Horde is on the menu.


  • Slaying It (100G) – Get 5,000 kills in Versus Multiplayer from March 2018 onwards (Public Only)
  • I’m on Fire! (50G) – Earned 5 kills in Versus Multiplayer with more kills than deaths (Public Only)
  • Getting Competitive (50G) - In Versus, win 25 matches in Competitive playlists (Public Only)

  • School Of ’08 (25G) – In Private Horde, complete 50 consecutive waves of Horde on Hardcore or higher without the team building any fortifications
  • Quick And Dirty (50G) – Complete 25 consecutive waves of Horde Lite or Frenzy
  • In and Out (50G) – Complete 25 consecutive waves of Horde Lite or Frenzy on Insane
  • Know Your Role: Scout (35G) – As a Scout, pickup 10,000 power during active combat in one Horde match
  • Know Your Role: Engineer (35G) – As an Engineer, build 10 fortifications you have an active Card for in one Horde match
  • Know Your Role: Heavy (35G) – As a Heavy, add 50 ammo for launchers or Heavy Weapons in a Weapons Locker in one Horde match
  • Know Your Role: Sniper (35G) – As a Sniper, headshot 30 Scions, Pouncers, DR-1s or Snipers in one Horde match
  • Know Your Role: Soldier (35G) – As a Soldier, kill 40 enemies from cover and have 100 Lancer kills in one Horde match
Speaking of Competitive mode, on Friday, March 2nd, the Competitive 2.6 beta will be live. The beta lets The Coalition test balance changes among players before the competitive season is officially live. For the first weekend of the beta, double XP will be available in the Competitive 2.6 beta (March 2nd-4th). It's not clear if these beta wins will count toward the Getting Competitive achievement, but if they do, this weekend could be a good time to get double XP at the same time as earning kills and competitive wins that go toward the achievements.

While the Competitive 2.6 beta starts on March 2nd, the actual March update — which will be bringing the achievements — will not be live until March 6th. The full patch notes will also be released around that time. For more information about the competitive beta and Gear Packs that will be available, see The Coalition's full post here.

We've got the full list of Gears of War 4 achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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