The Darwin Project Dated for Xbox Game Preview, Details On Different Experiences

By Ashley Woodcock, 9 months ago
In Scavenger Studios' upcoming The Darwin Project, players will take on the role of prisoners turned hunters who have been thrown into a twisted reality show where the objective is simple: fight to the death in order to survive. Ten players will take on the extremely cold weather while they track their opponents, craft tools, and set different traps to help them become the last one alive by the time the sun rises.

The Darwin Project

The team has gone on to detail the three key ways you can experience the game:

As a Contestant

When you join as a contestant, you’re one of ten players fighting in the arena in hopes of being the only one left alive. You’ll face off against the other inmates using a bow and axe, and if you’re lucky enough to score some electronics, you can also add tools like energy shields to your arsenal. But remember that everything you do, from building a fire to crafting items, leaves clues behind that can be used to track you to your current location.

As the Show Director

Entering the match as the Show Director allows to you oversee the entire arena aboard a drone and unleash special powers like nukes, zone closures, and gravity storms. As a kind of master of ceremonies, your goal in the Show Director seat is to spice up the match and provide extra entertainment for both players and spectators. We’re excited to see what types of Show Director styles the Xbox community comes up with!

As a Spectator

Tune in to streaming platforms like Mixer and support your favorite broadcasters who are playing as Show Director. Each time the Show Director uses a power, they can let their stream viewers vote on the target. The power is then automatically unleashed on the zone or player that obtained the most votes. Contestants will often compete for the favor of the audience as they try to survive both the cold and each other, and that’s where you come in!
The Darwin Project will start off its potentially long life as part of the Xbox Game Preview Program on March 9th. You can buy the game and provide your all-important feedback for US$14.99 or your regional equivalent.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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