Order Wall Prints and Figurines of Your Avatar

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
Sometimes there is a piece of news that comes across the Newshound office that results in everyone cracking up, laughing over how absurd it is. What you are about to read is right up there with Gamecrush Playdates in terms of absurdity. Only instead of paying to play games over LIVE with an allegedly attractive woman, you are paying to have either a wall print or a figurine of your Xbox LIVE Avatar.

FigurePrints recently partnered with Microsoft to bring about one-of-a-kind 3D replicas of LIVE Avatars for $60 a piece (U.S and Canada only). Using the same technology unveiled a few years ago to create figurines of World of Warcraft characters even the most complicated Avatar can be made real. Head over to FigurePrints, enter your gamertag and then select one of 21 poses for your Avatar. One catch is that any licensed piece of Avatar gear, such as the Halo: Reach helmet my Avatar is sporting, will not be available.

If a custom figurine does not do it for you, then perhaps you would like a jumbo wall print of your Avatar provided by Fathead? Just click the link, enter your gamertag and select one of 10 poses for your Avatar. After that, you get to choose from the following sizes and prices:

Medium (2ft x 3ft) - $79.99
Large (3ft x 4ft) - $99.99
X-Large (4ft x 5ft) - $129.99
Jumbo - (4ft x 6.5ft) - $149.99

The Fathead Avatar prints are made of vinyl and designed to stick to any flat surface without leaving any marks or residue behind. As with the figurines, any licensed piece of Avatar gear can not be used and again, the Fatheads are only for the United States and Canada.

So who's going to buy a figurine of their Avatar? A wall print? Anyone?
Would it be much cooler if licensed gear was allowed to be used? Or is this just further proof that companies will try to sell you anything these days?
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