Bleed 2 First Impressions

By Ethan Anderson,
Bleed 2 is an action-packed twin-stick shooter that wants you to defeat tons of enemies in style. You play through the game as Wryn, The Greatest Hero of All Time. When villains start causing trouble just outside of Wryn's apartment, it's your job to go out and fight them off. You'll push them back and eventually make your way to their leader, Valentine.

As Wryn, you'll be dashing, jumping, shooting, and slashing your way through the game. She has a few abilities that are easy to understand but can be tough to master. Movement is key if you want to survive, and Wryn has a jump that she can follow with up to three omnidirectional dashes. She is also able to shoot in any direction, reflect certain projectiles with her sword, and even slow down time. Using all of these skills together can be a bit of a challenge once the game's pace speeds up.

I don't play twin-stick shooters very often, so it took me some time to get used to the gameplay. Despite that, I really enjoyed playing the game. Check out my first impressions below to find out more.

Bleed 2 is available now.
Ethan Anderson
Written by Ethan Anderson
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