Weekend Announcements March 2-4th: The Blackout Club, Resequenced and More

By Rebecca Smith, 9 months ago
This weekend was quieter than most, but that doesn't mean we don't have any new titles to show you. Four games caught our attention: a Portal-esque puzzler, an adventure in an alternate 1930s America, a quest to locate parents who have disappeared in mysterious circumstances, and a small town conspiracy. Which of these titles caught your interest?

Abstract Initiative

At first glance, you may be thinking that concept equals' upcoming ID@Xbox title is another Portal clone, but the title instead focuses on "movement based puzzles". Equipped with a prototype EMG tool, players will be able to manipulate objects and move them around to help solve puzzles. The game takes place in "newly built offshore test rooms", and they're not designed to give players an easy ride. The title will be coming to Xbox One early this year.

Ira - Act 1: Pilgrimage

Ore's adventure title takes place across three acts. The first of these puts players in an alternate 1930's America. Man has made it to Mars thanks to an early technological revolution, and they're now about to push even further beyond. While space travel is flourishing, though, the home planet is not. A global depression is in full swing and players assume the role of several people who have different parts to play in the world, from the miners on Mars to the people who make all the decisions. You'll get to try the title yourself when it arrives on Xbox One early this year courtesy of ID@Xbox.


Based On The Play's action RPG takes inspiration from the likes of Fallout and Borderlands, as well as from films like Jurassic Park, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and "the entire Marvel universe". Players assume the role of Lux Hart, a college student who returns home to find her parents have disappeared. Unbeknown to her, her parents were secret members of The Redaction Commission, a government organisation whose main objective is to cover up unexplained events and anomalies to prevent widespread panic. In the process, the Commission has acquired alien technology that allows them to modify human DNA, so they resequence Lux's DNA to give her superpowers and then send her out to find her parents. You'll be able to look for them yourself later this year on Xbox One thanks to ID@Xbox.

The Blackout Club

Question's co-operative paranormal horror mystery takes place in a small town where strange things have been happening. Teenagers have been blacking out, waking up in places with no recollection of their movements or actions in between. The police, teachers and parents all refuse to believe there's a problem, even when one teenager completely disappears, so the survivors band together to investigate the situation themselves. Underneath the town is a network of tunnels filled with hypnotic music and populated by clandestine adults. The teenagers need to collect evidence to blow the conspiracy open, and to do this they must go on procedurally generated surveillance missions to find clues and explore the neighbourhood. Will you be up to the task when the game is released on Xbox One in Q1 2019?

Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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