WRECKED - Revenge Revisited Announced

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
There's another racer joining XBLA this year, alongside TNT Racers, https://www.trueachievements.com/Days-of-Thunder-Arcade....htm and SEGA Rally Online Arcade. WRECKED - Revenge Revisited is being developed by Supersonic, the studio responsible for the original Xbox game Mashed / Drive to Survive / Simple 2000 Series Ultimate Vol. 28: Tousou! Kenka Grand Prix: Drive to Survive depending on which part of the world you hail from.

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WRECKED is not about fast lap times, gaining pole position, perfect cornering or aerodynamics; it’s about winning by any means necessary. Aggressive driving is not so much encouraged, but a given prerequisite as players will come across a wide variety of weapons and vehicle enhancements to help muscle rivals off the track and out of the points. Survivors are encouraged to keep their wits about them however, as vanquished foes are given the opportunity for instant revenge via five different aerial strikes to add a certain spice to proceedings.

WRECKED builds upon this unique formula by adding customisation of player cars, so rivals will see each other coming with no mistake. A single player Championship Mode will offer 24 challenges divided across four disciplines to allow drivers plenty of solo time to hone their skills. Up to four players can tear out against each other in either local or online multiplayer modes across a number of different tracks in distinctive locations.
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WRECKED - Revenge Revisited is due to be released in Q2 2011. A price has yet to be announced.
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