First Episode Of Narrative Adventure The Council Dated With New Trailer

By Andy Mills,
French developer Big Bad Wolf is attempting to put their own spin on the narrative adventure genre made popular by the likes of Telltale Games and compatriots Dontnod with their debut game The Council. With the title's latest trailer, we get a little look at how they plan to do such a thing, as well as the release date of the game's first episode.

The Council

Big Bad Wolf's twist on the genre takes inspiration from another genre, the role-playing game, adding levelling up, classes and skill trees. All of these can affect how successful or otherwise player character Louis De Richet is in dealing with whoever he may be talking to. However, while no action can be reversed and failure can have long-term consequences, the team has said that there will be no game overs. To see what the system looks like in action, check out the trailer below.

It turns out we won't have to wait long to see if The Council lives up to its intriguing promise at all, as "The Mad Ones" will make its way to Xbox One next week on March 13th.

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Andy Mills
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