New Supremacy MMA Trailers

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
505 Games are heading into new territory with their new fighter Supremacy MMA. Several days ago, the publisher announced that they would be bringing women fighters into an MMA game for the first time ever. Both Felice “Lil Dog” Herrig and Michele “Diablita” Gutierrez will be making an appearance in the game.

Felice Herrig is an XFO, UEC and Bellator veteran, and is the face of the MMA’s Equal Fights campaign. The movement is designed to put all MMA fighters on an equal platform regardless of their gender. She had this to say:

Being one of the first women to represent MMA in a videogame is a dream come true for me. This is our chance to finally show gamers that female fighters can hold their own.
Be aware that the soundtrack to the second trailer is definitely not safe for work.

Michele Gutierrez is Wand Fight Team’s sole female fighter. She had this to say:

Joining the roster of fighters for Supremacy MMA is definitely awesome. The game takes a totally different approach to MMA so I think it’s perfect that this is the game that features women for the first time.

For those of you who can't view the videos, here are some screenshots of the pair fighting:

Wide 2


Wide 1

Overhead 2

Overhead 1


Grapple 2

Grapple 1

Supremacy MMA is due to be released in June 2011.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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