Sea of Thieves Final Beta Available Now

By Rebecca Smith, 9 months ago
Over the last few months, Sea of Thieves has gone through numerous testing periods, be it private alphas, closed betas, or scale tests aimed at Xbox Insiders. With just 11 days until the game is released, the final beta has now begun and it's open to all players who want to try out the title before its release.

Sea of Thieves

Everybody will be starting afresh again, so even if you've taken part in any of the previous tests, your Pirate, Progress and Gold will have been reset. You'll also not start with an eye-patch, peg leg or hook in the Vanity Chest. However, there are more gameplay features available in this beta. Take a look at some of the things you can do:

Merchant Alliance

About the closest thing to a legitimate business presence on the Sea of Thieves that you’ll ever see, the Merchant Alliance are seeking profit by shipping cargo to the Outposts around the world. Since these Voyages can often be dangerous, they’ve taken (somewhat reluctantly) to employing pirates as the protectors of their cargo, so this is where you come in.

You may be required to not only ship resources across the world… (watch those gunpowder kegs), you’ll also need to find different breeds and types of animals on various islands. But that’s not all – you’ll need to do this against the clock, so keep tabs on the time and date by using your handy Pocket Watch!

Once you embark on a Merchant Alliance contract, remember that you’ll need to visit one of the merchants at any Outposts to collect your assignment of cargo crates for the Voyage ahead. Keep your eyes on the clock and keep a stash of bananas ready for those hungry pigs!

Skeleton Fort

Although there are many unoccupied forts across the world that you can explore, they also sometimes become occupied by skeletons. When that happens, a huge looming skull cloud can be seen above the fort, visible from across the sea around the world. The skull cloud signifies that skeletons have taken control of the fort and also signals that their fort vault is available to be opened.

Who know what lies inside? We assure you, it’ll be worth your time! To do that though, you’ll need to get your hands on the prized vault key, but don’t expect it to just be handed over. Not only will you need to contend with a fearsome skeleton threat as you take the fight to their home turf, chances are you’re also probably not the only one seeking to gain access to the spoils inside the vault.

Equippable Items

Clothing & vanity items - New sets in the Shop! Love and need the whole set, or will you mix and match to get the look you really want?

Items & weapons - It's not just about what you wear, but what you're holding! From your Spyglass to Hurdy gurdy, or Cutlass to Blunderbuss, the shops have lots more stock for your browsing!

Locked Content – Notice a lovely dress, glamorous hook or shiny spyglass that is just out of reach? Some of the new items & clothing in the shops are only available to Pirates who progress to the upper ranks in each Trading Company! These won’t be attainable in this session as there is a cap of level 25 for each company, but have a browse of the goodies to come!
In addition to the new gameplay features, the beta now has 4k resolution and textures for players on an Xbox One X console. Check out everything you need to know in the trailer below.

The beta is live now and will last until 2 a.m. PST (10 a.m. GMT) on Sunday, March 11th. The download size is 8.95GB on Xbox One, 18.25GB on Xbox One X, and 18.98GB on Windows 10. You can download the beta from the Microsoft Store using the button below.

Download Sea of Thieves Final Beta

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