Farming Simulator 17 ROPA DLC Trailer

By Andrew Ogley, 9 months ago
Those gamers who enjoy tilling, sowing and reaping in the virtual farmlands of Farming Simulator 17 will be pleased to hear that the world famous ROPA machines from Germany will be coming to the game via a new DLC pack.


The "ROPA Pack" DLC will feature six new pieces of farming hardware, including vehicles and machinery. For the farming experts, the pack contains the Tiger 6 XL, RR-XL 9x45, Maus-5, NawaRo Maus & Keiler-2 machines, plus an additional trailer. The DLC will be available as a standalone expansion, but for those with the season pass, the new expansion will already be included. Along with the announcement, Giants Software has released a new clip showing the new machines in action.

The "ROPA Pack" DLC will be available for digital download on the Xbox One from March 13th.

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Andrew Ogley
Written by Andrew Ogley
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