Darwin Project Open Beta Highlights Video Released

By CognitiveCaveat,
Scavengers Studio released a video for their recent open beta for Darwin Project. The Darwin Project features a Battle Royale type multiplayer competitive esports match to the death in the cold dystopian post-apocalyptic mountains of Northern Canada.

The open beta video features players getting killed by other players in unusual ways, such as with nuclear blasts (that don’t work the way that physics says they should), with bizarre arrows, and snowballs. The Death By Snowball voiceover is pretty awesome! The video is somewhat artistic and features a number of players playing the game, playing a guitar and singing a goofy song, and making odd comments. There is also a bit of swearing, strangely masked by pictures and sounds of ducks and geese.

The Darwin Project

The Darwin Project released on March 9th in Game Preview for Xbox One. Currently there are no achievements with the game, though this is relatively common with Game Preview titles. An exact release date for the official launch on Xbox One is unknown.